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Geology Rocks! 5 Fave Resources & a Recipe for Your Next Science Fair #5faves

As you know, we're big fans of travel and outdoors and camping
and rocks and fossils.....with a husband who teaches,  has a passion for 
and background in the Earth Sciences and 
kids who are into any and alllllll things  nature, our trips and our homeschool,
in general, have taken a real focus on the natural sciences,
<< if not a rugged - Survivor ish bent!! >> 
So, our trips?  Yup sometimes it seems we're not in the
 twenty- first century on some of these jaunts!  

Sort of the digital equivalent of that pesky neighbor inviting you
over to watch vacation slides decades ago, right?
Though, actually, I always enjoyed vicariously traveling through
 those pictures and travel stories!!Maybe I'm the only one........

Recently, my husband and kids worked on a geology science fair/exhibition
at a local school and since they researched and displayed
a wealth of geologic goodies and resources, I thought I'd share.
In addition to the fun, perhaps someone out there is planning  a rock/mineral/
US natural history unit in the family homeschool and might
enjoy or benefit, right?
So, here goes............

~ 1 ~ 
Geologic Time/Paleontology display

With the help of a geologic time scale, such as this one at 
UCMP Berkeley, here's the display of the gems we found all over the USA.

~2 ~ 
Igneous display

~3 ~ 
Sedimentary display

Some great sites for kids in these areas:
Rocks for Kids, One Geology
and Science Kids

~ 4 ~
Hands on activities:

Mineral Match

When you're married to a geologist, finding minerals in your travels across
the USA is actually pretty easy < and fun!>
However, in the absence of cross country travel and a spouse who has en eye for
rock and mineral location, mineral kits can be acquired here.

Rocks/minerals to illustrate Moh's Scale of Hardness: 

Moh's Scale of Hardness do-it-yourself tester
Given a sample of each of the minerals on Moh's scale,
kids can see for themselves that diamond (#10) is harder than talc ( #1 ) or quartz ( #7).
You know those glass microscope slides that you use to place the
 item on that's under inspection?
That's what they used as their scratch surface.
While they were at it, participants could scratch their names, designs, 
or anything fun that they'd like into the slide.

 ~ 5 ~
"Dirt" Cups
If there's a way to work chocolate into a science exhibition, you know we'll find it!
Even if you're not "doing science,"  studying geology,
 you need this recipe.....
Okay there are a few empty cups lying around up there by the sedimentary display.
Here's  a shot of the dessert itself~~~
because I took none of the ones we actually made!
How did I miss that?? 
Please click here for the full recipe and pictures.

Recipe and photo:
And yes, it was delicious! 

So, here are a bunch of our travel - geology  posts from the past summer.
If you're planning an earth science-y unit, perhaps there's a resources or two within these
posts you might find handy  ! Or fun!

I'm really happy to link  up with Jenna for her #5faves weekly hop!
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  1. We're a science-loving family, so we may have to work some of this into our summer activities :-)

    1. Wonderful....enjoy that!!!
      Thank you for stopping by!xoxoxox

  2. WOW Chris! What an awesome display! So many great things to see and hands on learning! I bet your display was a hit! Oh and all your amazing travels...gosh it would be a blessing if I could travel to just one of the many places you have traveled! Love all your trip reminds me that there is actually a bigger, brighter world that I wish I had the luxury to see with my family...maybe one day!

    1. You'll get out there to see the west :) I know you'll take that trip one of these summers~~!

      Thanks for stopping by Tra! I love your visits


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