Friday, July 31, 2015

Curriculum and Book Sale: Wide Variety/ Everything Half Off

Happy Friday friends!
Just briefly sharing the 1/2 off sale on all items at my

A few things have but  how about a hardcover copy of
 The Well Trained Mind for $5, 18 Magic School Bus titles for $7,
 a set of 10 titles on colonial America for $8, lovely journals for $2 each and 
the Latina Christiana TM and student book set for $5?????
Stop over and shop and if you're a blogger, 
you're welcome to link up your own sale post.

Just a few of many  over at the sale post: 

Happy shopping and I look forward to seeing you again this weekend!!

 Friends, as always,  
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Of Allen West, Curriculum Sales, Planned Parenthood's Evil and Most Importantly, Good Friends

Welcome friends!
 How has  your July been wrapping up? Relaxation and rejuvenation, hopefully? It's been a while since I linked with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum  for some QTs.......This week around here?  Deadly news and busy day to day. Here goes:

~ 1 ~ 
If you still believe that Planned Parenthood offers health care, 
just remember, #lamborghinisareexpenive 

How about a blood red ride?   
<photo credit>

And if that ain't enough to bring even the most "pro choice" <gag> of us
to our knees to pray for this culture of death, here's a little more background on the
 week of shock, lies and cover ups

~ 2 ~

That pretty much sums up the evil.
The best things out there to read and ponder about the abortion industry's 
deceit and self serving ways ?
Matt Walsh's (usual) home run.....
yes, it's easier to be outraged about  dead animals.
than dead babies.


I was always a fan of  Moms' Night Out  and 
The Middle anyway, but that Frankie Heck
and her real life alter ego are both so darn likeable?
A win-win.
Thank you Patricia, for telling it like it is.

~ 3 ~
On the oh-so morally questionable chief executive office: 
All I can say is, Mr West, 
please please please reconsider running in 2016!??
Please watch if you've not already.
He rocks~~

~ 4 ~ 
Our summer travels!
Posts still in the works and wow, do I love sharing them with you.
The most recent ones in our From Sea to Shining Sea ( and back again)
 series, summer 2015, are here.
Sea World - San Diego, Hollywood, Death Valley and mooooooooore coming soon.

~ 5 ~
Used books at great prices!
Planning for the new school year?
In the market for some awesome resources are great prices?
Look no further than my curriculum sale!!
Latin, math, fiction, history and more, you guys
Twenty +  years of teaching and homeshcooling materials! 
Are you a blogger with your own books to share/sell? 
Please link up!!

~ 6~
Friends, friends, friends....
~ Bears and babies~
When the shock and outrage in the news threatens to reduce us to tears,
when the day to day requires a little sharing  venting,
 when good news needs to be celebrated,
when prayers are needed?
  They're there for us, aren't they??
I am blessed with many ...oh, so many.
Today, a few things to share that I realized I had not yet!
How did that happen?
My friend Sue, who lives halfway around the globe  and who I've yet to meet
"in real life,"  is as dear to my heart
as if she lived right here on the block and as if I've known her forever.
Sue has shared with me a memento
of her son, Thomas........her sweet son, who lived only a very short time.
Sue has collected and been given gifts of teddy bears in Thomas's memory 
 since he was born and died in 1999.
Over the years, many, many bears have decorated the Elvis home and Sue decided to share
these bears with friends and children's homes, 
once they were tagged with Thomas's name.
My family was lucky enough to receive Justin Bear, who carries a bit of a gum tree branch
as a label!
Now for a girl who grew up in Queens, a gun tree from the Australian bush
 is the stuff of legend!
Needless to say, Justin will be treasured by my family forever:

Justin says, "Hi," Sue...he misses everyone.
But we're taking good care of him!

ALSO----- my little guy, who enjoys crafting and sewing,
was honored to create a tag for another of Thomas's bears, which will
be enjoyed by a lucky family!

here's what the tags  look like:


By the way, go visit Sue's newest blog, Out of My Catholic Mind...
you'll really enjoy it!

~ 7 ~
My friend  Tracy has a way with words, as you can plainly see when you visit her 
blog.....but what you may not know is that the lady behind those five adorable kid - faces, 
the cakes, the posts of Catholic daily life and homeschool adventures
  really and truly is  a superstar friend.

For my last birthday ( which was actually several months ago!)
Tracy gifted me with a lovely  homemade creation.....


This gorgeous paintbrush with a perfect little message 
for me right here and in a lovely letter.
I have the brush hanging from my dining room chandelier, 
where it catches the light, looks stunning and reminds me of my friend
who went out of her way to recognize my special day...and this, when the day-to-day
crazy of her own life with her clan vies for her constant attention.
Very very generous, no?
I'm very blessed.....
Now since Tracy and I actually live in the same time zone and on the same continent ( ! )
we have a shot at meeting up one of these years!
Oh, and go visit Tracy today for cute shots of her littlest sweetheart's
second birthday!

xox Thanks for hosting, Kelly ! xox

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Homeschool Curriculum & Materials Sale { with linky! } Everything 1/2 off

Hey there friends and welcome!

 Stopping back in a week after the sale's been going on to cut all prices in half and add a few more books.....

So please take 1/2 off the stated prices below, okay ....?
And happy shopping!

I'm just taking a brief respite from my "From Sea to Shining Sea" cross country  travel chronicles to post a  variety of educational supplies and resources that are for sale. I've cleaned off my shelves after 14 years of public school teaching and 12 years as a homeschool Mom!
We're heading into our last year as a homeschooling family and since I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm able to determine only those items I'll truly be needing for one more school year and books ( there are many!) that we need to keep because they are sentimental or milestones to us.

 I still  have  a few shelves  to sift through-------so please come back;  more sale items will definitely be added.

 I so be appreciate all of the homeschoolers, unschoolers and brick and mortar schoolers who are stopping by. I  hope  you  see a title or a set here that appeals to you AND  if you're a new visitor, I do hope you'll become a regular!

Here are the pertinent details for the sale:
1. Please comment here or send an email to
 if you'd like to purchase something or if you have a question about items.

2. I'm sorry, but I can accept only cashier's check or money orders as payment.

3.  I have the world's best blog readers. However, in the past, I have sent items out before receiving payment...and then, well ...never received payment. Sooooooo, I have to be really cheese-y and request that payment be received before I head out to the PO with your purchase. Sorry about that.

4. When an item is sold, it will be marked as such right here on the blog.

5. Prices do not include shipping. When you've decided to buy an item, I will contact you with the final cost of your purchase....just a couple of dollars more, if that, to cover mailing fee.

6. To my blogger friends who are linking up: Thank you for joining! And please include a link back to this original post.

Please let me know if I neglected to mention anything important here and please  visit the lovely bloggers who've linked  curriculum - related items too!

Again---everything is 1/2 off:  

Homeschool resources:

HS Your Child For Free

Home Learning Year by Year

Home Sweet Homeschool

Design Your Own Classical Curriculum


The Harp and Laurel Wreath is a  bit dogged eared.
$4 for that title.

Catholic Homeschooling resources:

Catholic Education:
Homeward Bound

A Little Way of Homeschooling



Latin Resources

Teacher's Manual and Student book
Both in great cond.
Stud book only has first few pages written in.
$10 for each

Ludere Latine I activity book
Great cond.
first few pages written in

TM resources binder with vocab activities

Book of Roots binder w/vocab activities

Travel funbooks

National Geographic
Road Trip Atlas funbook

oodles of pages of fun, maps and geography trivia
This copy is not written in at all


Highlights "Which Way USA" state books and maps
I have an enormous selection of the state book and corresponding maps.
My kids LOVED these as we traveled across the country.
Can also be used as a fun geography supplement.
Entire batch of books/maps: $25

let me know if you'd just like specific states 
One state book  including map $6

Seton Homeschool Materials

Good cond.
A few marks, but lessons are  hardly written in


Great cond.
Not written in  at all.

Good cond.
About 1/4 of the lessons are written on
$ 6

Cobblestone magazines

Approximately 70 issues of this awesome magazine.
Can tie in to any area of the curriculum 
All issues: $30

Cricket magazine

Approximately 40 issues of Cricket
All issues: $20


$8 each

Africa Materials

Ogbo: Hardcover
Zulu Tales: over sized paperback
Set for $10

Intact games  and rule books come in a nifty boxed compartment

Colonial  America set

9 books
Activity, historical fic and "If You Lived at the Time of ..."titles
Set of all: $16

Teacher Created Materials History Pockets.
Oh my gosh, my kids loved these.
They are in great cond bc we only photocopied and used from there.
Colonial America AND No American Explorers
Set: $11

Four books in all: two different titles--
Activity books about Jamestown and Yorktown
Good cond
$2 each title

American Patriots
Excellent text
Grade 4-6 ish

Native American set

8 titles
All wonderful
Set: $12

Slavery/Civil Rights set

6 titles
$8 for set

America set

Statue of Liberty Coloring book 
beautifully  illustrated lyrics to Star Spangled Banner  ( hardcover )
Set: $9

Geography set


Practical and fun Geo + Lit idea book
Catholic Geo Bee resource book
(Hey, my son came in 2nd as a 4th grader in our county's homeschool
National Geographic Geo Bee using this!)

Boxcar Children

all 13 books: $15


Magic School Bus
a few hardcover/mainly paperback
18 titles in set

One las,t but wonderful thing to share with you:
My  blogger friend, Becky, has complied a don't miss list of resources
for those of you embarking on your
homeschooling high school journey.
Becky's generously sharing right here at her blog, BJ's Homeschool.
Thanks, Becky!!

 Friends, as always,  
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