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Top 5 Personal Essentials for Your Next Road Trip #5faves

You know all these idyllic posts I typically share after our road trips - -  Forever West  (summer 2013) and Visions of the Southwest (summer 2014 ) and most recently, the only post from summer 2015, as of yet, From Sea to Shining Sea......? Well,  truth is, behind the breathtaking vistas, the history, the roadside geology and the family memories are quite a bit of pre planning. As in a 14 page, single spaced packing list. I kid you not.
When you're on the road, especially if you're tent camping, I can't stress enough how vital it is to have essential  tools, equipment and even meal accessories handy. Sure, in many cities there are Walmarts for those forgotten double AA batteries and grocery stores for today's breakfast. But on  your next journey,  when signs like this are more common than not ~~~~

~~~~~ you'll be relieved to know that you did indeed remember to pack necessities in case hunger, thirst, mechanical breakdown or even white line fever strikes.

Sooooo for today's #5faves, I'm linking with Jenna at Call Her Happywhat I'd consider, in my pretty extensive road trip experience.... cross country journeys times five with kids, four  before kids and three as a teen  with my Mom and Dad,   my top 5 personal  necessities. Not the family's least not this week....that's coming!...but the you needs.   After all, I've already been inconvenienced and trekked through several undesirable situations. Why should you sweet gals  be? And don't forget, when you're done with my list of mundane creature comforts, go check out Jenna's FF and those of her tribe for tons more! 

In addition to your everyday cosmetics/health/ items,  don't forget to pack these gems~

~ 1 ~

If your hair, like mine, is long enough to be a sticky mess in the heat and humdity of
summer travel even an hour after hopping out of the shower,
but too short to tie up, these bandannas will end the annoyance
and help you feel less "weighted down."
I bought several at Walmart and right here on amazon.....
here are amazon's selection of paisley bandannas 

CoverYourHair 28382 5 Assorted Paisley Print Wide Bandana Headbands

and if you want to stay with a simple look, 
these cute, yet  undecorative pulls will do the trick too.:

~ 2 ~ 

Now you may not  normally be into  the whole make up remover/facial cleansing
 nightly ritual. 
But when you're on the g0 -  camping, hiking, sightseeing - 
time and availability of restrooms/showers is limited.
These towelettes will freshen and clean without actually using soap and water.

I know, sounds crazy, right?
But in a pinch, after a hot  sweaty day when you'd normally step into a shower,
where none is available, these are awesome!

~ 3 ~

Even if you don't necessarily consider yourself a "writer," 
 a journal  of your travels is something you'll treasure.
You'll want to capture moments, keep an itinerary or track expenses, even.
I love the journals they have in the stationery department of my local Walmart. 
But I've also purchased a few notebooks and pens here at amazon.
This one's my fave:

 ~ 4 ~

This one's not really a "personal" item, but because I'm the one behind the lens,
chronicling and pretty much memorializing our family's everyday as well as our trips,
I consider this camera a "me" necessity!
There's nothing I don't like about it. 
and a bag here to keep your equipment safe!

~ 5 ~
I'm not a sun worshipper...never have been.
Growing up near the beaches in Queens and now living a stone's throw from
 famous coasts that are flocked to by travelers across the globe? 
Yeah, we hardly ever go to the beach.
Maybe once per summer and at night, after the sun is down!
BUT~ When you're out and about in the Great Outdoors,  we all know our skin
needs protection.
Even incidental exposure is dangerous.
Fair complexion that I am, I've tried everything and I l-o-v-e
Coopertone Water Babies. It does the job without being greasy and
 it's easy on sensitive, dry skin.

I started using it when my kids were tiny and we've all become fans since then.

I've used my amazon affiliate link  in this post, which means a tiny portion of  items you purchase when  you click through my blog is credited to me. 

Thank you.

I'll definitely be back with more trip journaling, photos, anecdotes and of course, more 

#5faves/necessities for packing for that trip.

Thanks Jenna for hosting Five Faves!

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  1. Great list! We just moved to San Diego, and I'm in love with the dessert. I'm really excited to get to New Mexico, Arizona, and Neveda. Love that face wipes made the list, because seriously, one of the best inventions!

  2. Have to agree on the bandanas, camera & sunscreen! Even with my long hair, I still love bandanas to keep all my flyaways (thank you back to back pregnancy hair loss) under control. A camera is a must. I also bring a hat to shield me from the sun, just in case I miss a spot with the sunscreen.

  3. Chris,

    It's lovely to see you back on your blog. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip away!

    You've put together a great list of essentials. The paisley bandannas brought back memories. We used to have a huge supply of these. When my girls were younger I'd use them to keep their hair neat and tidy when I didn't have time to do more elaborate hair styles. They were great when we went on homeschool camps!

    1. SUE!
      It's so great to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, I'd imagine with several girls in the house, there were quite a few bandannas to go around!! Pretty funny......
      Looking fwd to getting back into a routine and catching up on your posts as well!!

  4. Replies
    1. Debrah~

      Thanks SO much--- So happy you stopped by!

  5. I bet those wipes would be great at the beach. I have to get some!

    1. Yes! Great idea...Thanks for visiting Sheryl!! .

  6. Love this list Chris! Gosh, I want to go travel now with all the fun goodies and necessities :)


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