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From Sea to Shining Sea: Spend the Day With Us At Sea World San Diego! Ride the Manta, Encounter Penguins, Pet a Shark, Visit Turtle Reef & Journey to the Arctic!

Welcome, my friends, on this gorgeous end-of-summer day!

Isn't one of the  best things about traveling reliving the trip....
sharing memories and photos with friends!?
So thank <you> for stopping by and reveling in our journey with us!

As you know, our travels have recently taken us coast to coast 
and back again with stops to explore many natural,
historic and cultural sites.....
And given the abundance of iconic spots we had the privilege of touring,
to say that Sea World, San Diego stands out as the one of the best?
Well that's really quite the  acclaim for this very special place.
The Sea World  staff  clearly cares for 
their animals, our environment and all of their guests 
who visit this gem of a park situated on gorgeous  Mission Bay in southern California.

By the lovely entrance sign:

 Thoughts of Shamu may automatically  come to mind when Sea World is mentioned and
while the killer whale show is jaw dropping and magnificent,
Sea World is about so much more than that.
Their conservation efforts and animal rescue endeavors,
 as they partner with the National Wildlife Federation, 
the World Wildlife Fund and   The Nature Conservancy are admirable.
The staff of Sea World is on call 24/7 and has spent fifty-two years caring for, 
rescuing and  rehabilitating 25,000+ animals 
in conjunction with  local, state, federal and worldwide agencies.
Please learn more about these  efforts at Sea World here.

 Not as important as the above, but definitely worth mentioning, 
Sea World is  logistically easy to navigate, with clear signs and maps
 and a helpful staff who stops to ask
what they can do when they see you with an open map!

So, onto the fun, the shows, the attractions, rides, exhibits, shall we? 

An amazing show, Cirque de la Mer's  stage was set  over the bay. :

 What talent and poise!

 Sea Lions Live! was not only entertaining,
the cast was downright hilarious!
And I mean the sea lions as well!

One Ocean is probably the park's most crowded and popular
show. These killer whales  have an unbelievable rapport with their trainers! 

 Spectacular, isn't it?

The Dolphin Days show is just as fascinating as the killer whales! 
Look how adorable these intelligent creatures are!


We've no shots of the Manta, as you need to contain all belongings
 ( including cameras)   in a locker before boarding .

A gorgeous view of the park and amazing fun!

~Exhibits and Animal Interactions~

Turtle Beach

Dolphin Point~ 
where my son took some pretty cool shots ( down below!)

Penguin Encounter ~

Shark Encounter 
where the kids had the chance to pet bamboo sharks!!

Finishing the day with this glorious sunset ~~~

 and then Sea World's nightly  fireworks display
 from the top of this tower was perfect:

 The fireworks began as we were on line for the tower ride.
My youngest  son took this two minute video.....<enjoy!>

...and we continued to watch as we rode up the to the top of the tower

 And here are some random and pretty amazing shots of the day 
that my youngest also  took with his tiny,
but super camera......

Enjoy my youngest's  (super short!)video....
an adorable penguin entertaining the crowd!
Would've been much longer but his batteries died ....

 As a blogger / writer, I'm granted opportunities on occasion to
  enjoy events and attractions on a complimentary basis, to be followed
by promotion on my blog, social media and possibly other travel-related sites. 
But you know this, even if you're a sporadic visitor.......
                           My family and I were afforded the privilege 
of enjoying Sea World San Diego for an exciting, fun-filled day.
I had the pleasure of communicating with
 Ms Jennica Taylor, Sea World's Associate Manager of Content and Social Media,  
who could not have been more accommodating and wonderful!
Thank you, Sea World, San Diego and Ms Taylor, 
for an experience which was not only downright fun, but contributed
to our knowledge and awareness of marine animals and how we can better contribute to conservation efforts.

How to connect with Sea World San Diego for schedules, pricing and other info:

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