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From Sea to Shining Sea: 5 Fun Things You Didn't Know About Death Valley National Park ~ #5faves

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I'm just loving sharing our road trip 2015 adventures with you ..so happy 
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Now those are two words you don't typically
drop into the same sentence..... "fun" and "Death Valley."
But it's all perspective, right?
Death Valley, a land constituting  approximately 3,000 square miles  near the California/Nevada border and east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains,
 was brought into the national park system in 1933.
 Tons of mind blowing facts about the history and geology of the area 
can be found here at the official National Park Service's site.

Better be prepared though.....
 very few basic needs can be met in the vast and desolate valley....
as we're warned here:

Now, there are mannnnnnny more wow facts to be offered on the valley
But here are my five faves..........
~ 1 ~
Those crazy kids who were  let loose to name Death Valley's sites
had a  cool  sense of humor.
 Ha, see what I did there?
 With names such as these, you know you know exactly 
 what you're in for as you enter the park. 


 ~ 2 ~
Death Valley boasts the  lowest elevation in the United States!

Now, you'd think  Furnace Creek 's 190 feet below ( ! )  would qualify for the record......buuuuut.....
Actually the - 282 feet at Badwater Basin is the lowest point in the United States,
followed by New Orleans at -8 feet below, 
And Badwater is also the 8th lowest spot in the world.
  (  click to geology.com for more details  on  just this! )

Here are some shots of the refreshing ( ! )  Badwater Basin...
 Now, I live at sea level, so this was pretty neat!

 So, this craggy mountain behind our van?

 Well, HERE...is where "sea level" actually is!
Alllllll the way up ( 282 feet) the side of the incline, it's actually labelled.


  ~ 3 ~
You knew it's hot in Death Valley.
But did you know how hot?
 And this was only late morning of the day we visited!

In fact, it's soooo hot,  Death Valley holds another record:
Hottest place on the planet.
Contrary to popular belief, the desert of Libya is not the hottest...Death Valley is.
As of 1913.
~ 4 ~
Running in Death Valley during the heat of the day, or actually anytime of day, is rather............ memorable.
 The kids and the hubby are runners. They're ambitious and they have goals.......
annnnnd when it's "hot" at home and they don't feel like getting out the door,
they wanted to be able to say, "Well, we ran in Death Valley,
for heaven's sake; how hard can this be?"
Notice how I'm taking  pictures from the <relative> comfort  of the A/c.

 ~ 5 ~
 Death Valley is home to one of many western ghost towns!
You know you've stumbled upon Rhylolite when you spy this display:

 < !! >

We're big on exploring and absorbing the history of abandoned
mining towns of the west.
 These two books have been wonderful resources for insight and info:

 Ghost Towns of California: 
Your Guide to the Hidden History and Old West Haunts of California

California Ghost Town Trails 


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  1. So fun! Love these highlights. Visiting new destinations and soaking up their details is so great! Although, being from TX, I really beg to differ on the heat situation! It's so blistering hot over here all. the. time! lol So if this place truly is hotter, I think it'd make me want to cry!

    1. Oh, I can imagine, Amanda!! I'm in the NE of the USA and even here, our summers can be brutal!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks like a great trip but -- you wouldn't catch me running in 118F heat!

    1. They're huts, right? I agree!

      Thanks for stopping over, Beth!!

  3. Great info! I'd love love love to visit someday! We're down in the south, and I've never seen anything like the Badlands before. Thanks for giving me the travel bug! ;)

    1. Lydia, thanks for visiting!! I think you;d really enjoy this stop in DV!

      I hope you get there before too long! Be well!!

  4. I love virtual travel, especially from the comfort of my air conditioned house. Thanks for sharing your pictures and cool facts.

    1. Yes, I agree, Tara!! it's pretty neat to vicariously live others' travels, and comfortably, at that!

      Thanks for your visit!

  5. How fun! We love visiting National Parks as a family, too. We'll have to check out Death Valley sometime! :)

    1. Thanks Jillian!

      I know you'll enjoy it tremendously!!

  6. This was so interesting! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Ashley~~
      Thanks for stopping over my friend!!

  7. Sounds like it was an excellent visit. So is dry heat much different than a moist heat? Humidity and heat can be difficult so I don't know if I could visit Death Valley or not. :)

  8. looks hot! But so much fun! Thanks for linking up!


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