Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From Sea to Shining Sea: Hurray for Hollywood! 5 Things I Love About Tinseltown #5faves/WW

 Hi there friends...
I;m back with more trip fun; thanks for stopping by to take a 
peek at my virtual photo album!
Today, I'm reliving our time in LA/Hollywood and my fvorite sites around that area.

So here goes---my top sites and the most memorable to me
and my fam in and around LA:
Just 5 sites, but a bazillion pictures!

~ 1 ~  
La Brea Tar Pits

Hey,  Hollywood isn't  all superficial glitz and empty headed starlets...
and once in a while, a glance at awards' shows red carpets is fun, no?
  Turns our the worldwide home to the movie industry 
is also home to these "adorable" mastodons, condors, sabre tooth tigers, 
Harlan's ground sloths and other titans who ruled LA waaaaaaay before 
Wilshire Boulevard even existed,
oh, a few hundreds of millions of years ago.

At La Brea Tar Pits, we explored these fascinating excavation sites and 
were amazed by the discoveries being made daily....
all in the shadow of the LA skyline!

~ 2 ~
Beverly Hills
And here we all know if from movies, right?
Here we are by the iconic stuff~~

 ~ 3 ~ 
Hollywood Blvd/Walk of Fame/
Grumann's Chinese Theater:
Just feast your eyees on our favorite actors' stars and footprints~~

                                             ...and my fave....Vinny Barbarino/Tony Manero

~ 4 ~
Santa Monica Beach
 We live right in the heart of what many consider the world's best beaches,
with sand - like powder and  iconic hotels and nightlife.....
and yet we never go.
Well, maybe once or  twice a summer,
 but only at night as the sun is setting.
We hate the beach, the sand, the crowds, the heat, 
the salt water, the sunburn.
Hate it.
Though we loooooove Adirondack beaches.
Fresh mountain  water, decades of memories
So what do we do when we go away?
Go to the beach!!??
I have to admit this is one gorgeous spot though.
Talk about picturesque!
Look at those mountains!

~ 5~
Universal Studios
Shows, stars and a backlot tram tour!

Back to the Future set:

 Pretty cool to have a minion share your name!

 Everyone's favorite psycho, Norman Bates:

 Just don't take a shower when you're alone in a  motel room, ok?????

 Coming soon---our truly wonderful day at Sea World, San Diego!
Come back soon!

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  1. Why didn't I know about the tar pits?!?! I've been to LA a few times for vaca and have done all the stuff on your list except the tar pits. That looks like so much fun. My 6yo (a budding Ross Geller) would go nutso for this place.

    1. Too much! How cute, that your ds is into paleontology!

      Well hopefully you can make ti to the TPs on your next trip! Thz for stopping over!! xoxo

  2. Looks like so much fun Chris, so many cool shots :) Hope you having a lovely summer..

  3. What fun field trips! I used to live in California, so some of these sights are really familiar.

    1. Hey Susan~~ CA has so many amazing sites--natural, cultural.....we just love it there!!

      Thanks for your visit!

  4. My would love to see the tar pits. It definitely looks like you all had a wonderful summer!

    1. They WOULD love the TP Monique~~! yes!

      And yes we did have a great time---thanks for stopping over!


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