Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Top 5 Super Blood Moon Eclipse Photos ~ WW/#5faves

We took about 30..... narrowing to 5 was hard!
Actually I took two, I think,
 and my older son took the rest of the pack.....
He did a fantastic job!
Using a tripod and adjusting a few settings, plus being verrrrry patient
yielded some amazing pictures.

If you're still riding the "eclipse high," here's a site for you~~
You can easily research all facts moon related and
 when and where the next lunar and solar eclipses will be visible
from your corner of the world...pretty cool.

Off the eclipse topic, my story on Papal events 
for any of you lovely readers who are still experiencing the Francis Effect
and want more first hand coverage!
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I'm SO very happy to link with Jenna's Five Favorites 
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  1. Wow Chris! Amazing photos! You and your son did an excellent job! Your patience paid off! I so wish it wasn't so cloudy where we were :( We missed it all! BooHoo!

    1. Thanks Tra!! we lucked out on the view, that's for sure!

      Too bad you guys didn't get to see the whole thing! Thx for stopping!

  2. Chris, these are great pictures!!!
    We were able to see the moon till the point just before of your last photo, but then the clouds came in. They were covering the moon the rest of the evening. It was Jon and my anniversary, too (18 years)! It was a nice treat for our special day!
    Thanks for the pictures. I'll share these with some of my kids, who missed seeing the moon that night.
    God Bless!

    1. Aw, too bad you didn't get to see it through!! We were very lucky, Jen!!

      Happy anniversary!!!! September is a beautiful month for a wedding!

      Thanks for stopping by, Jen!!


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