Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Halloween Must Haves ~ Frugal Tricks & Treats Too Cute to Spook! Plus a Walking Dead Make Up Tutorial #5faves

Hi there friends and welcome!
Thanks for stopping by for some Autumn/Halloween fin!

The Fall is my most favorite season - - 
the colors, the foods and treats unique to Autumn alone,
 the newness of a fresh school start, 
the crispness in the air,
Fall decor for outside and in,
memories of trudging through the neighborhood with the boys when they were little...
so much more.....
I'm so happy to share with you  a handful of "must haves" for this season!
Happy shopping and Happy haunting! 

~ 1 ~

More Cute Than Scary costumes
We don't have a dog,
 BUT we had to purchase  one of these for our friend's beagle recently!
It was a special occasion and this fit the bill!


Guess which one???

Do you love how stinkin' adorable these costumes are??
As if pugs aren't cute enough...a pug in costume!
I can't stand it.

  ~ 2 ~ 

Isn't it easier to sit at home on your laptop and "pick up" the necessities
for The Big Day?
Ah, the scent of the chocolate, the sugar, the yummies!
For all those costumed cuties who come to your door for  treats~~~
here ya go.
Lots of candy links and at great prices!!

~ 3 ~

If you're into Spooky Effects.....
you'll enjoy perusing this selection of items galore
for your very own haunted house!
We have a few of these accessories  set up by the front door as kids
come by...the fog machine and strobe lights are soooooo fun and
 add an eerie  atmosphere. 

A plus: the disco balls and strobe lights are perfect for any gathering,
any season! You can easily set them up in your den or deck along with 
your music at the next birthday party!  
Such a festive look! 
And we've used our strobes for so many birthday gatherings now!
They are always a hit!

~ 4 ~
Handmade Halloween ~!!
Did you know that amazon now offers handmade specialties?
These sweet decorations are right up my alley and 
I'm hoping you'll enjoy as well.....
Take  a look~~

So darling!

 ~ 5 ~
Zombie Central
For little undead kids running around  trick or treating
with a look  to rival
The Walking Dead cast, here's some make up  and liquid latex
If you're wondering how what the latter two items can achieve in 
a to-die-for ( haha see what I did there?) ghoulish look,
check out the final product of  my son's creativity and patience ~~~~~

So how did he concoct such a realistically repulsive look?
He recommends this tutorial

'"Walking Dead' Zombie Makeup Tips and Tricks |
 Greg Nicotero Interview."

Gross right??
And oh yeah, you'll need some vampire blood to, you know,
make that wound even  more stomach turning~~

A pint of the stuff goes a loooooong way and it's a steal right  here.

Hey, for a whole bunch of fun Halloween/Fall crafts and books,
please visit my post
Halloween/Autumn Fun:  
7 Crafts, Treats, Literature & Decor 

I promise, none of the crafts are as disgusting as the zombie body parts  above!

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Thank you.

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  1. So so cute - love love the doggie outfits! I wish my small girl "Bella" (chihuahua) would wear one of these - and love the "spooky" effects too!

    1. They're adorable, aren't they?

      What a cute name...Bella!

      Thanks for stopping by !

  2. Great post with useful links! The dog costumes are the cutest! My girls would love those, though we don't have dogs! And I like the dog costumes much better than that very realistic zombie makeup. Oh.My.Goodness! That looks way too real! Yuck! :)

    1. I know, the zombie make up is horrible, isn't it....? Fun for him to apply though....

      THnanks for the kind words Tra, and for stopping by!

  3. My furbaby is half Pug half English Bulldog, so I'm quite the sucker for pug costumes. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us at Mommy Monday!

    1. Aw, your "baby" sounds adorable!! I know those costumes are so darn cute, aren't they?

      Thanks for visiting !!


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