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Five Resources For the Battle of Lepanto & Our Lady of the Rosary #5faves

Is it just me, or do you too,  typically think mainly of "the biggies" when 
you consider Marian feast days within our liturgical calendar?  
I completely know that one is not more "important" than another, 
but in my family, as in my schooling, 
(Catholic schools from grade one through graduate school!) 
 we  honor our Blessed Mother with prayer and traditions
( fun and reverent)   on~~
March 25 -  the Annunciation
September 8 -  Our Blessed Mother's Birthday,
August 15 ~ The Assumption 
 December 8 - The Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe.
BUT, there are so so many  Marian feasts throughout our calendar.
 October 7, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary,
commemorates the battle of Lepanto wherein the Christian fleet defeated the Turks,
 a victory  attributed by Pope St Pius V to the recitation of the rosary.
On this date in 1571, the battle, widely considered 
the most important naval contest in human history,
 is not well known to Americans. It's just not. 
Well, what did you learn from your history textbooks
 as a kid, about the victory at Lepanto, 
the battle that saved the Christian West from
 defeat at the hands of the Ottoman Turks?
I'm pretty well educated...hey I was taught by nuns
 through high school and then 
Vincentian fathers throughout college and grad school-----!
And, honestly, I never heard of this battle until I began homeschooling
my kids and delving more deeply into the history behind our faith.
My  mom- friends  have been inspirational to me
 as they bring the faith  to life  in their own domestic churches.
<I mention a few among my "favorites" below>
Adopting some of my new found knowledge and even certain 
traditions into our family's  celebrations of Marian feast days has 
enriched our traditions dramatically!
I'd love to share my five favorite resources and ways to celebrate
The Blessed Mother on October 7, 
feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary.

~ 1 ~
For historical info on The Battle of Lepanto itself,
I'm heavy into this Encyclopedia Britannica piece.

~ 2 ~
The Papacy at the time
For the scoop on  Pope St Pius V,
who appears to have been the  Walker Texas Ranger of the 1500s,
check our Catholic Online.

~ 3~
Feast Day Fun~!!
Don't miss the wealth of October feast day celebrations
 at my  friend Tracy's blog,  A Slice of Smith Life! 
In these Slice of Liturgical Life  posts: 
Celebrating a Few October Feast Days, Tracy offers her family's traditions
for OLR Day...and of course, many other feast days!
Learning about our faith while munching chocolate.
Doesn't get much better than that!

~ 4 ~
 Liturgical Ornaments!
For a unique  way to celebrate this and other feast days,
Jen at Catholic Inspired has a line of ornaments that are  incredible!
Here's the adorable OLR!

~ 5 ~

For an historic overview of the century and where the battle "fits into"
the big picture, check out this timetable

Do you know The Rosary Comic Book?
We love this resource!
The explanations and illustrations have been such an asset to
learning the rosary in our family when the kids were younger.

And speaking of Our Lady and All Things Catholic,
my story on Papal events  in The Big Apple is here
for any of you lovely readers who are still experiencing the Francis Effect
and would like a peek at "first hand" coverage!
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  1. So interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Chris! I love reading about the Battle of Lepanto! It's such an awesome story and a sign of hope. God has our back! We just need to learn to pray and trust! It's so awesome! Thanks for including the OL of the Rosary ornament! God Bless!

    1. Jen~ more sign!!

      Your OLR ornament is just so lovely! What wonderful resources you offer while sharing your crafts and family activities!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Great post Chris! And thank you for linking up to post!

    1. Oh you're so welcome! I love rdg about Lepanto and your celebrations in honor of OLV is wonderful!

      Thx for visiting!!


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