Monday, December 14, 2015

Five Clever Gifts for the Book Lovers in Your Life!

Hey there friends.....
For those still completing Christmas and Hanukkah shopping ...
or birthday shopping as it seems there are a lot
of December birthdays out of my sons among them......
I'm stopping in to share some amazon bookish awesomeness!
I stumbled on a few of these, which led to more of a search for literary-ish  gifts,
which led to this short but perfect gathering of items any avid reader would love .
They're tons of fun and always a big hit....
So pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some armchair shopping
from bookmarks to band aids!

I was going to save the best for last, but I just can't........
How great are these!?


And personally, I recommend giving season 1 of The Following with Poe.
Don't watch The Following?
Yikes..guys...go fix that!
Because...well, Poe is life.
And then there's  Kevin Bacon.

Trust me, he's not dancing in this one.
You. Need. To. Watch. This.

'Nuf said.
Who doesn't want these? 

Calling all Little Women junkies~~~
"She is too fond of booksstuff reminiscent of the great Louisa May Alcott

And for the book and coffee lovers among us, the mug

Keep Calm Bookmark 

Love the little beaded bauble, don't you? 

And here are lovely note cards

Eat Sleep Read  shirt just for fun!

Looking for a few more, creative ideas?
Go check it out....I think there's something for everyone there!!

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