Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Snow Day Guide to Games, Books, Movies, TV and Comfort Food { Pepperoni Cheese Rolls & Pizza Dip}

Well. many of us in the eastern US received quite the 
visit from Jack Frost over the weekend!
In our corner of the northeast, we didn't get quite as much as other folks who
aren't used to or equipped for such heavy snowfall  and all the hazards it brings.....
Luckily for my family, no one had to be anywhere necessary and so we thoroughly

 enjoyed "forced" togetherness, hunkering down, settling in and sort of forgetting about the
to=do lists while Old Man Winter wreaked havoc outside.


We could have dismantled the tree.....
 yes, the tree as well as stockings and manger are still
up and it looks as though they're not going anywhere...
at least not while Mother Nature is providing a wintry backdrop,
giving us a reason to keep Christmas, even this late in January.
So what did we do while snowbound?
 Spent a good amount of time consumed by print......
  I'm knee deep into
this engrossing author's
 latest and  my 13 yo is enjoying 
 #1  in this YA series.
While my oldest found 
this book a page turner
as a reprieve here and there from studying for midterms.) 
We caught a  few movies......
  Second Hand Lions and  Mrs Doubtfire during the snowed-in weekend 
and took special delight in  a semi binge-watch of season 1 of 
everyone's favorite girl next door 
whocanturntheworldonwithhersmile...Mary Tyler Moore.
Hey, it seems always to be snowing in Minneapolis; so why not?
And how great is it no to watch ep  after ep of a show that we had to wait a
 whoooooooole week to see decades ago,  back
when we'd count our age on your hands and have fingers left over?
Ah, technology!

......And what else.........we also played one solid round of a  favorite
Santa gift...... fellow Whovians, you will love this!
As  well as enjoying some wordplay with this classic.And what would a snowstorm be without time spent in the kitchen baking ....... 
 yummy...and necessary after all that shoveling ( ! )  
 rich, warm, gooey  brownies  .....as well as good old winter comfort food 
I'm eager to share with you all a couple of easy and delicious snack/appetizers!

Pictured below is our version of a recipe I bookmarked quite some time ago
from one of my favorite cooking blogs.
The uncooked pic~~

For Crystal's creation, a bundt cake pan is used and since at one time
in the not too distance past,  I did have a bundt pan, but Lord knows where it is now,
 out of necessity, my spin on the goodies is a bit different.

And here's the finished product of the yummy treats
 we call Pepperoni Cheese Rolls ~~

You'll need:
Pizza dough
pepperoni slices
cubes of mozzarella cheese
olive oil
grated parmigiana cheese
garlic and other spices to your liking

The how- to
Pull off  portions of dough and place cheese, pepperoni 
and spices in each, pinching dough together  to "close."
Place all dough "rolls" pinched side down in an olive oil coated pan.
Sprinkle more olive oil and some  parmigiana cheese on rolls.
Bake at 350 degrees for approx 20 minutes or until "done."

Enjoy dipped in your fave sauce OR with the following..............pizza dip! 

Image result for birthday themed post dividers
and here you go.....some awesome dip for you~~

My son enrolled in  a cooking class last week at our library and  enjoyed an hour of ingredient-talk and other foodie delights with a wonderful local teacher, Chef Rob.....
all the kids love him and feel he should have his own cooking show!
One of the appetizers rated for just such a snowy day...and for Super Bowl parties:
Pizza Dip!

Here's a shot of the dip, uncooked:

And here it is, right out of the oven~~

A close-up:

The how to, distributed by Chef Rob after the class:

Looks easy enough, right?
Let me tell you....it was amazing!!! 

I hope, friends, where ever you are, 
that you're enjoying and staying safe in winter's beauty!

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

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  1. Chris,

    What perfect ways to enjoy the cold, snowy weather! Love all the reading choices and fun and the recipes you shared do sound amazing! Hope to try these out someday!

  2. Pizza two ways! Sounds great! Thanks for visiting the Delicious Dishes Linky Party!

  3. These are great ways to spend snowed-in days! I need to earmark this post, though, because I am pretty certain those pepperoni cheese rolls would be a *huge* hit with our households! Yum!


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