Friday, January 29, 2016

"Quiet" ~ Five Minute Friday 1/29/16

 Swirls of dancing snow.
Frigid air,  charcoal grey sky......
twinkling, glittering,  aglow with winter.
Heaving wind, eerily soundless.
A cotton - softness is silence...... enveloping .... wrapping......
shushing....comforting in its own uniqueness...
It is its own transparent self, this Quiet that comes with the chill, with the wintertide.
So different is it  from the world's usual chaos.
So distinct, so separate is the quiet, so disarming.
It begs to be noticed, greeted...
 And to remain unbroken.
And now?
Gone is the softness......
replaced by the swoosh of traffic, the disturbance of engines, 
even the honking of stray geese, awry in the now - blue heavens, 
bright with sun and awash with our comforting daily clamor.
In our loud world, the soft, soothing balm to our souls is quiet.

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  1. hi chris:) i'm your next door neighbor at FMF:) i enjoyed your beautiful poetry today. i tho't about snow for my topic with quiet, but decided to go another route. you did a great job:)

    1. Martha~

      Thank you!! Aw, so sweet of you to stop by! I'll be clicking over to visit you as well!


  2. Snow makes the world quiet, but not for long, does it? I enjoyed the hush of the snowfall last week, but the plows, birds, etc.. broke it up bit by bit fairly quickly. Still beautiful, though.

    1. Yes, Amy! Agreed! The quiet is so fleeting!

      Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. Replies
    1. Nancy thanks so much, my friend.....xoxoxo

      I appreciate your visit!

      Will be by to see you soon... :)


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