Friday, February 5, 2016

Five Minute Friday~ Winter Wonderland "Focus" 2/5/16

Falling snow, gusts of hipping wind....
Emerging from under a blanket of winter's drapery~~ 

overnight drifts and glitter~~

coating the shrubs, weighting them down~~ 

encasing the branches in  icy crystals~~

trees swathed in winter's gifts~~ 

Grey, darkening skies, uninviting.
The stuff of a Jack London novel and unyielding nature of the outdoors.
Giant trees bend and a biting wind blows ... 
My magnolia~~~  decorated for winter tide months before 
pink blossoms emerge and embellish

The sun's attempt to warm the air after the vicious chill.....

.... but is now just a spark, a glimmer dancing between boughs.

Soon, night envelops and wraps nature in its chilling, austere quiet.

Hearts capturing the cold, the frost, the icy chill, the bitter beauty, the artistry,
and we enter into home and  safety,  love.
The "focus" of the family and the heart of our home........  

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Snow is something I do not have much experience with really since I am a FL gal but would love to at least visit some.

    1. Aw, thank you Jess!!

      Well to be honest, at this point, we're tired of the stuff. So if I could pack some up for you, i would!!

      Just enjoy the southern warmth this winter!

      Thx for stopping by!


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