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Our Avatar: The Last Airbender Party! Invitations, Decor, Food, Cake, Favors

Well, it's been over a month since we celebrated my youngest's 13th birthday
with an Avatar party...yikes, where does the  time gone? 
It was t-o-n-s of fun....tons!
Now that the holidays are over and we've more or less settled into
a "routine," I've  finally  gotten myself together to blog the party
 details and share the enjoyment.....
So thanks for stopping by for the scoop on the Airbending party!
Do you know Aang and friends?
Surprisingly,  people of all ages are drawn to the gripping drama,
injected with humorous bytes and a  will-good-prevail-over-evil  story line
which chronicles element bending and Aang's journey,
flanked by Katara and Sokka, who protect him on his quest to save the 
world from the Evil Fire nation.
The Avatar  pop culture phenom is based on a short lived
TV series with an anime, southeast  Asia-like influence on its  setting and characters.
And by the way, we're not talking Avatar, the blue-people movie-----
which my family and I have never seen --
we're all about these pre teen protagonists and their hybrid animal friends:

Because my younger son.....the birthday boy.......
  enjoys the  Avatar TV series sooooo much,
Santa surprised him with the entire series on DVD!!
.......aaaaaaand a playstation game

This is one kid who LOVES that he has a Christmas  birthday, by the way. 
He is soooooooo enjoying these Avatar treasures, as we allow limited video/
video game time......

So here goes...let me take you through the party, from plans to favors:

~ The  Invitation~ 

Should you be holding an Avatar themed gathering, you're welcome to 
copy, paste, use in its entirety if you like.
If it's easier, I'd be happy to email you a copy to edit in your own info
and change text and pictures to your liking.

                                             Image result for birthday themed post dividers                                                                 
     ~ The Decorations ~
Since each  of the Four Avatar Nations is recognized  by its own color,
we placed several balloon bunches in these 
symbolic colors  around the house. :

For example, the colors represent~
 the Water tribe (blue )
the Earth Kingdom ( green )
the Fire Nation ( red ) 
the Air Nomads ( yellow ) Also, since the party was held on Thanksgiving weekend, 
you might be able to see our
pilgrim statue gracing the entryway.

I'm a big fan of lights lights lights whatever the season. 
Hence the mini white Christmas lights on the banister 
 which I have scattered throughout the house and yard throughout the year.

And here's my son with  more balloon bunches in the Avatar color scheme,
along with signs made by banner letters
that  we purchased and attached with  paper fasteners.
Above: "Avatar the Last Airbender"
Below: "Lucky 13 "

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

~ The Treats ~

All of the food and drink represented characters, setting and plot of the Avatar series~ 
(fireballs from Dollar Tree) 
Image result for birthday themed post dividers

The birthday boy made these using white melting chocolates,
blue melting chocolates and a ship mold that I bought in a 
candy supply store about a million years ago!

A few shots of the candy kitchen in progress~~~


Image result for birthday themed post dividers

Twizzlers, cut and  bent to look boomerang-ish  and dipped in melted chocolate 


Image result for birthday themed post dividers
Gummy Bears 

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

Animal crackers, bought at the local supermarket 

Image result for birthday themed post dividers
Marshmallows rolled and dipped in melted chocolate.
Super yum, especially roasted at the firepit! 
Image result for birthday themed post dividers

Ok, the arrows are a bit hard to see here.....
We baked and iced an arsenal of mini cupcakes and then decorated with
blue "dot" sprinkles to represent the arrow on Anng's head~~

Here's what we used~~~ 

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

You could buy pirouette cookies, but we bought these 
cookie sticks in cylinders a the Dollar Tree!
Image result for birthday themed post dividers

Pretty, huh?
Luckily for us, there's a jello  color for each  Avatar nation! 

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

Doritos just happen to be fan-shaped.....
We bought the cool ranch flavor!

Image result for birthday themed post dividers
A couple of shots of the "party table"............

To light up the night, we hung a few colored strings of LED bulbs
 and lit pillar candles, again staying with the four color theme.

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

~The  Fun~

Fire pit and friends.
I'm  intentionally posting images that are a bit unclear. 
I'm fine with my own child's picture out there, but many may not be.....

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

~The cake~

The  cake has to be the centerpiece of the party, right?
Well, the birthday boy had an image of how he wanted the cake to be 
and since he so enjoys baking and creating confections for any occasion, 
I just followed his lead.
I have to say, we won the baby lottery when he arrived.....
he's simply a treasure to spend time with for any reason.

So...above?   The finished product.
And here are the "supplies" we used to assemble and decorate:
To show the coexistence of each nation on the others, the birthday boy wanted
four cakes stacked, each simply adorned with its symbol, 
which he created from  fondant sheets .

So once the four cakes were baked and cooled, we iced~~~~~ 

........ and cut the nations' symbols out of the sugar sheets......: 

Finding and enlarging the exact symbol to replicate is super easy,
 on any Avatar related site, as you can see.......

And voila~~~

We then wrote a message ON the white cake plate
 with the an  icing writer

Image result for birthday themed post dividers

~The favors~

We bagged treats and gifts to represent each nation's "theme,"  
and highlighted  the Asian - feel of the series.

Each guest received these gorgeous chopsticks well as Dentyne's "fire" gum ( representing the Fire Nation )
bottled water ( representing the water tribe)
pop rocks ( representing the Earth Kingdom )
air heads candy ( representing the Air Nomads ) 

Whew, well that was one fun party to re-live!
Thanks fo sticking with me from invites to the guests' parting gifts!  
There are numerous other party posts as well as cakes from alllllllll occasions in 

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  1. Wow Chris! So much love and work went into this party! I love all the creativity and teamwork! It looks like Timmy had a blast celebrating his special day! He looks so happy and proud to contribute to all the preparations! Great job and fun!

    1. Tra
      Thank you So much for stopping by!

      It was a fun party theme to host.....I appreciate your visit!

  2. I love this party! LOVE

  3. Thank you for joining Delicious Dishes Recipe Party! Hope to see you again this week!

  4. WOW! This is just brilliant. I am very impressed with all of the detail you have included in your party recap. My daughter is turning 12 in around 10 days so finding this is just perfect timing. I haven't found much in the way of The Last Airbender thanks again!


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