Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nos plans pour semaine sainte < Our Plans for Holy Week ~ A dozen ideas>

No, actually, google didn't get  hold of my blogger account and do crazy things with the language option.... It's just that  we're so immersed en l'etude du francais,  we're thinking, writing, reading en francais and fou, I literally started typing my post title EN FRANCAIS before I realized what I was doing!

Ok, je vais arreter.  I'll stop. Vraiment! Really.  A side effect of  homeschooling taking over the  brain, right? And by the way, I'm loving our French curriculum ....it's just parfait for the beginner l'etudiant francais and his mom who has not spoken la langue since that  three credit undergrad  course! Fundamental, yet thorough. 

Soooooo...our plans for Holy Week~~  Iit's out there in print, I'm more  focused and, well,  accountable..... So thanks for stopping by, checking in annnnd possibly sharing some of your traditions for Holy Week and the Triduum! 

I've mentioned many  times  how important I'm finding the necessity to bend with 

tradition,  adjust the rituals I've come to love...that we've all, in our family, have come to love. Some can be altered to fit imposing  schedules; some, kept relatively intact;
some, abandoned altogether. And for those that fall into the latter category, there
might be a period of 'mourning,' if you will...a little sentimentality...a little remember-when.
We walk down Nostalgia Road often around here... a little too often for my taste.
But kids grow up and customs get altered. Throw in a huge dose of reality, tragic reality,
and the way we pray, what  and who we pray for, is admittedly changed.

So this year, on the most sacred of days, what's on our family's calendar?  
Here's the catch-all assortment of the liturgical and the practical:

* Community  penance service Tuesday evening in our parish church.

* Rehearsals for the living Stations of the Cross on Wednesday evening.
To be presented

Good Friday by the youth of our parish.
 I did tell you that my son has the honor of
being involved and of "playing" Jesus? He. Is. So. Excited. 
More to come.  Believe me, tons of pictures!

*Creating our cute, fun, annual peep wreath! Tuesday or Wednesday of Holy Week.

* Double checking that suits, ties, shoes, socks do not need 
polishing, cleaning, ironing, etc.

Most likely done on Tuesday as well.

* Evening Mass on  Holy Thursday, followed by my son's presence 
in the chapel for an hour
for the Adoration and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. 
(Volunteers were requested, so there he was.)

* Visiting cemeteries....those important people who have left us. 
Most likely, Holy Thursday.

* A quiet Good Friday, reflecting the solemnity of the day, 
followed by a simple dinner and then on to church for Stations!  
And by the way, a perfect, easy and amazingly symbolic Good Friday
 meal is outlined and explained beautifully  here at my friend, Tracy's blog.  
Absolutely click over for some wonderful ideas 
to enhance your dinner or lunch on this most sacred of days....the

* We'll pray the Rosary as well...the Sorrowful  mysteries, recounting
the passion of Jesus.

*Lots of general decluttering, organizing, deep cleaning, window washing,
 basket-filling whenever I can fit it in. 
Probably Holy Saturday
Oh and I'll be back here  blogging 
photos of our Good Friday Stations on Saturday too! 

* Egg dying, and baking on Holy Saturday.
 Our go - to desserts for the past few years have been
 these tomb brownies and this peep cake
Perfectly  festive and uncomplicated too!


*A simple dinner on Holy Saturday, where we assess how  
Lent was lived and the ways we succeeded ...and failed...
in praying, fasting, giving alms.  
We hang these lovely mercy wreaths that the boys made 
back in 2013, in  prominent spots...they remind us throughout  
Lent of the true meaning of the season.            


* Attending vigil on Easter Eve. The boys will be serving too, 
which is always an honor.
And since we can official break our lenten fast at midnight 
on Holy Saturday, we tend to 
enjoy some ice cream, set out to accompany
 that cake for Easter's dessert!

What won't we be doing this year, traditions that  the family has, well..... 

"outgrown......?"  Resurrection eggs  

and recreating these Crucifixion paintings.

Of course, the watercolors are always 

on display at home, not just during Lent. .......

How about you, my friends?
Plans, ideas, traditions of the Triduum to share?

I'd LOVE to hear them!!

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  1. Sounds like a blessed week. We have a sickie here today all of the sudden so our plans just went into necessary flex mode. Still trying to think over what we'll do besides care for little sickie. :)

  2. So cool to read your traditions and many of them I'm familiar with :) Thanks for linking up to my blog with the Good Friday lunch. :) What a nice surprise! I am waaaay behind on my Holy Week organization and posts since my race this past Sunday took all my motivation. Haha! :) I'm so happy that Timmy gets to play Jesus! He will do a wonderful job, I'm sure, and he is the perfect person for the job! What a wonderful way to remember this special season for him and your family! Have a blessed rest of the week and Easter!


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