Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's DayTraditions~ Old and New

For years we've celebrated pretty much every holiday
and holy day in a very hands - on way.
I'm not uber craftsy by any stretch, but I'd 
haunt my friends' blogs and raid my own craft closet,
and we were set.
If we could cut it,  color it,  bake it, glue it, read it, decorate it,
dress it up, glitter it..........well, that's how we rolled.
Now that the kids are "older" with responsibilities outside
the realm of our family and homeschooling life,
our traditions have changed.
Not modified, not adjusted, but flat -  out changed.
One day I knew we wouldn't be spending hours making soda
bread, celtic cross shaped cakes,
foamie green crafts and playing Shamrock bingo

 ........where I'd sneak in  math here and there 
a la "the square root of 64 plus 1"
rather than simply "C 9" and they'd laugh and yell
about how unfair it was to have to "do school" on a holiday....
That day has not fully arrived yet...but it will .
I've fought it for some time  and it's different and I'm not loving it.
Buuuuuuut, with  loss of control, I realize,  comes knowledge.
Knowledge I don't really want, but knowledge I'm accepting...... 
that they're becoming independent.
Pursuing interests, creating their own lives, their own footprints.
Their own marks in the world.
Becoming untethered.
Making us proud.
And interestingly?
Missing our days of old, too.....
There's lots of talk today arouud that book we always read
on Paddy's Day morning, those treats we always made,
the games, the music, the stories we'd tell .....
that we'd sit and ponder as  familiar, sweet Irish music lulled and swelled
and the aroma of corned beef filled the house.....
The ones that begin with pride about being a second generation Irish American,
 my four grandparents coming from the Emerald Isle for a better life 
and how we're living that life and nothing, nothing is
to be taken for granted.
How proud they'd be.
And perhaps,  how surprised, at the easy life we have.
All thanks to them.
And how we all wish we knew then, that we'd
met them even once.
All four of them, gone by the time I arrived.
And we talk about that movie, our pre- bedtime ritual and how they'd
hate to say goodnight afterward because it meant another
holiday was over. 
The sun had set on aniother Paddy's Day,  now revisited in
our memories and photos.
The green sweatshirts, headbands, shamrock socks, books,
...they'd be stashed and saved
for another year when traditions would be relived, added to,

In the meantime, there are so many we keep...
those that we keep.
Those customs we revel in from year to year, some of them we hear
them say, will be revived with their own families.
Some silly and fun......

<Like our slime making of this afternoon!>


Here's what you need, btw....

 1/2 C each:
liquid starch, glue, water and any pretty 's 
Paddy's Day pretties....we used glitter and shamrock confetti

And our fruit leprechauns to munch  after the corn beef and cabbage~~


I know, wacky  right?
And not exactly Martha Stewart-ish.
But, hey, tradition........

 and punch
<lime sherbet and ginger ale!>

So, my  friends, another Paddy's Day, another holiday,
.....we embrace, we hold dear and we love, we enjoy,
all while they and we evolve and  adjust and adapt.
With His help. Always.

and yes, this was sunset on St Patrick's Day...
A blessing.....

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