Thursday, April 7, 2016

GGGlorious GGGrowth: New Life { A to Z Blogging Challenging / Theme Thursday }

Lots of newness  springing  to life around here.
From the tulips the Easter Bunny left by the baskets.......

to the birthday rose my little man surprised me with last week....... a sweet swallow

.... and  a curious cardinal enjoying a << COLD >>> clear April day.

 One of our bright shiny daffodils....

...and new life on our eggs too.....

and speaking of new life~ grace, redemption, mercy.....
I can't resist sharing more photos~

So proud of my 13 year old....!
What a night it was.

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 I'm so happy to  join the Theme Thursday
party with Micaela at  California to Korea
Please click over for tons of fun and photos!
Thanks Micaela!

Day 7 ~ G,  of the A to Z Challenge!
I'm writing off a picture/s or a thought/s for the month.....
Now real "theme," just a stream of consciousness.
Please visit tomorrow for H, day 8 !

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  1. You MUST be so proud of your little guy. I guess I should say BIG guy because HOW did he get to be 13????

    Thanks for linking up! I added your link to the link-up now that it's fixed. :)

    1. We definitely are So proud...Good friday was amazing here in our parish...and in our family. What an honor.

      Micaela, thanks for stopping by And for adding the link...."See" you soon!


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