Sunday, May 1, 2016

All the A to Z Challenge Posts ~ Whew!

So April saw the awesome, fun
 and honestly, sometimes trying A to Z blog challenge!
And I'm happy to check in on this <dreary, chilly, drizzly!> 
first day of May with a wrap up of all 26 posts and show off my
"survivor" badge:

I'm not a survivor of too many things.
Except maybe commuting to high school, college and beyond
via NYC's vile, repulsive legendary mass transit system.
< Hey, an "I survived the subway for a dozen years"
 badge would be cool. HA! >
So, yeah. I'm happy to be on the other side 
of the challenge after a month of posting!

It's been a wild ride.
I met tons of wonderful folks around the blogosphere
Thank you to the organizers of the challenge for that!
I stretched my 
writing skills and the limits of dedication to my blog even though
honestly, there were some days in which I posted
photos only because...well.....
some days that's all I could really manage on top
of life, you know?
So here are all 26 days in one place, kind of
wrapped up for my own sense of organization....... 

Our Weekly Homeschool Wrap up

Sunrise, Sunset:
 In Our Own Backyard & at the Canyon 

To Be or Not to Be ~ 
7 of Our Favorite, Most Epic Shakespearean Lines 
in Honor of the Bard's 452nd birthday!

Unite ~ Five Minute Friday

Votre guide pour le meilleur programme français

Weeping Cherry

eXtreme pogo 

Yellowstone and Yosemite Highlights

Zion National Park Highlights

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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