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What I'm Into, What We're Reading, Years Past on the Blog ~ April 2016 Edition

Welcome May and another What I'm Into style wrap up where we
link our faves, our current obsessions and
 what was happening on the blog this month in past years....
Lots of fun, thanks to Leigh of What I'm Into ~!

Books: Let's see....... I'm nearing the end of The Lakeshore Chronicleseries 

Wow, I'm loving Susan Wiggs. After I devour all of this series, I'll be 
haunting her site for new titles!
In preparation for our trip west ( again!) this summer, I'm tapping many of 
Fodors books to be sure we "see" allllllllll the amazing states west of the mighty
Mississippi has to offer.

What else.....
My oldest is rereading To Kill a Mockingbird  as part of his literary studies 

Ernest Cline's Ready Player One for how own edification:

If you're enticed by a story  combining mystery, tech,
gaming strategy and  lots of "Easter eggs," then Ernest Cline is
for you...or your kids.
I picked up a copy of Cline's newest, Armada, as a 
summer-mountain-beach read for my son.
You know, for our annual trek to the lake.

Love that his nose is always in a book.

My youngest, book 1 

as well as  sooooo many snippets of 
books for his history, science, English studies.
He's truly enjoying  journaling in his Bible, which we gave him as a memento 
for his work in our parish's  Good Friday living Stations of the Cross.
If you haven't yet looked into Bible journaling, you might like to
head over to my friend, Emily's new Facebook group for a great community
of gals venturing into this "new" way of exploring and living our Faith.

TV: We're over a dozen years behind the eight ball with this. But we are finally finally finally
watching Lost it considering just watching or is it a way of life.......? 
Oh my goodness.....I can't even begin to tell you how we're hooked....... We're Losties through and through.
 4 8 15 16 23 42. 
Can't tell who we love more and why. We're in the middle of season 4 and ....... gotta slow it down or the series  will be over!!!! So many beloved characters from Once Upon a Time too! And characters we love to hate.  If you're a Lost-lover, you know. If you're Go and check it out! By the way, we don't subscribe to cable or Netflix. It's a frugal way of life thing. So library DVDs or amazon is the way we roll.

Just stumbled onto THIS~~

Had to share, guys......Had to share
<I feel a fave Lost memes post in the making...........>

Recently on the blog~~ 

So I completed the A to Z blogging challenge! WooHoo!
Here are all 26 case
you have nothing better to do and feel like clicking over!

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I'm also very happy to link to Carolyn's monthly Open Book party.
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  1. I stayed up late last night finishing To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time ever. I'm not sure how I got through high school and college without reading this book. It was amazing! Stopping by from the What I'm Into linkup.

    1. It certainly IS amazing, isn't it? One of my faves. A is the Gregory Peck movie!

      Thanks Amanda for stopping by! I'll be over to visit today as well.

  2. I would love to be prepping to see all those beautiful national parks out west! Someday.

    Ready Player One is one of those books I keep meaning to read. Heard good things about it.

    And "Lost!" I'd really love to re-watch the series. Truly one of my favorites. Ever.

    1. I know...we're fortunate to be planning a trip out west........ Well, another Lostie!! And another reason I knew I like you Carolyn!!

      Thx for visiting!!

  3. My favorite part of this post is that you're watching Lost NOW. You mean, in all these years, no one's managed to spoil it for you!?! Wow, enjoy!

    That's almost as good as my writer friend who finally watched all the Star Wars movies (episodes 1-6) before episode 7 came out in December. Each time she watched, she posted her reactions on Facebook. They were priceless! ("Did Leia just kiss her own brother!?!" Hahahaha!)

    1. I know! Spoilers are hard to avoid!! I joined a LOST group on FB and had to leave bc I found out a few things hat of course everyone knows and has lived through! I'm only in the beginning of season 4 and they're projecting certain events into the future now which are very surprising!

      THANKS for visiting AJ!!


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