Thursday, June 9, 2016

Want ~ Five Minute Friday { #fmf 6/10/16 }

Joining the tribe of Five Minute Friday writers with a prompt of want
...and write for five

Four letters packed with meaning, packed with importance.
Really, the cause of such conflict.....
And about what some want that isn't what most want?
Choices a  few make that are unpopular?
We want, we sacrifice for, we make it happen and yet,
it's not what most want  and seek and so......strife.
And still, we revel. Those who've wanted "nothing" more than
home, hearth......that have  sought and found?
I know what I wanted, what I am blessed to have and......
I'm happy. I'm fulfilled.

That despite strides for  equality, I say, 
You can keep the expectations of our times. I’m not buying into this.
I know what I want, what my family needs and so....
this is the goal of the wanting...
the purpose and the certainty.

I'm happy to join the tribe of FMF writers at Kate's.
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  1. Ah, all too often we see what we want as what others SHOULD want. I'm learning a lot about how we all see differently (and that it's ok to see differently and not all want the same thing).


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