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5 Movies You Should Definitely See Before Taking That Cross Country Trip {#5faves }

As you know, my family recently returned from a cross country trek....
annnnnnd,  there are still tons of posts
that I've planned   to share with you  the majestic 
and historic gems we visited!
If you, too, are considering heading out to see some of the wondrous features and 
immerse yourself in the history of our might really enjoy this list of
"movie must-sees!"
And if this summer does not hold travel for you beyond the town pool,
the kids' day camp  and the local supermarket.....
you may still decide that a few of these look too good to pass up!

Now, you know my space here on the web would
 definitely be deemed  "family friendly,"  but in this post,
please be forewarned that the last two movies on my last are 
not at all for the kids.
I'll explain down below.

SO let's get started with the movie fun, shall we?
Break out the popcorn and lemonade
for a chat about The Best Films With Our Country As the Lead!! 

Since we're huge fans of Robin Williams, ( who isn't ?) 
 traveling the US and
camping ( not RVing--that's kind of a luxury for us--believe it or not!)  
this movie's become  a family favorite and one 
that we watch e-v-e-r-y- summer before we set out.
Not the night before...because Lord knows, there's too much to do then.
But watching it is  on our "to-do"  list  each year!

The comedy genius of Williams.
The  classic scenery of The West.
  Jeff Daniels, who's jaw dropping 
in any movie..... whether humbly expressing profundities in Gettysburg
  or effortlessly goofballing in  Dumb and Dumber
Add it all to  lots of laughs and great fun.
Don't look too hard for the's there but it's so lame you'll miss it.
Just enjoy. 
If you homeshcool, add a star. 
And you need to watch to the very end to see why.

Wow. Just wow.
The sweeping landscape of the Dakotas, the eerie, memorable soundtrack.
The history, the characterizations, the heart breaking plot.
This spectacular film set against the post Civil War mid west. 
If you haven't seen it, you must.
If you've seen it already, it's probably been quite some time;
so you'll likely be adding this to your must-watch list, won't you?

And by the way I am so not a Kevin Costner fan. So not.
Yet, I love it.
I can't imagine how much MORE I'd appreciate the film
 if it starred a different actor. 
By the way, if you travel the Black Hills of South Dakota, 
 you can actually tour the grounds
of Fort Hayes, a stone's throw from Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse,
 the Badlands and Jewel Cave, where the movie was filmed!

 My kids, in front of the fort/movie set.
 July 2011

Who wouldn't  love a movie featuring adorable personified animals
set against the panorama of San Fransisco and The West?
Okay, it may be a  little nerve wracking at first for the small ones who might
 worry that the pets won't meet up with their owners.
But once they cleverly forma  plan and band together, it's all good!
 There's nothing not to adore about this film!

 Thelma and Louise

Thelma & Louise

I hate to admit it, but this is one of my faves.
Oft quoted and referenced, albeit rough and racy...
it is definitely deserving of its R rating. 
It features a lengthy list of stars parading
across some of the best scenery our country can boast.
And I positively love how NO ONE gives away the end.
Seriously, THIS movie and The Sixth Sense are just  not discussed, am I right?
No one talks.
How great are people at keeping secrets?
Just watch it.

Son of the Morningstar 

For such a young country, we certainly have had more than
our share of shameful episodes.
Slavery, the Salem Witch Trials, the blatant <  but never included
in history books> abuse of suffragettes, 1973's Roe v Wade decision...
the list goes on.
One horrific chapter is portrayed in Son of the Morningstar
Who hasn't  heard of Custer's Last Stand?
If you go to the actual spot'll be moved beyond words.
No. One. Speaks. at that small piece of grass in Montana....
an otherwise unremarkable, un-landmarked area in the northwestern  USA, 
 which is shockingly  uber crowded, but not frequented by Americans.
It seems our European, Australian and Asian friends
 revere this place more than we do.
If you're an American at Little Bighorn National Battlefield,
you're in the minority.
Says a lot doesn't it?  

Gary Cole gives an outstanding performance as one of the 
most hated and  heartless generals in history....
So much so, that we all had a hard time enjoying Hop
<Yes, he's the Dad. >
It's certainly not an uplifting movie, 
but it does depict a brutal and vitally important
 period in our country's story, 
ironically culminating on our Centennial, July 4, 1876.

 More on the topic in this post one of my most visited~~

And, hey, for those of you who are thinking,
"SOMEDAY I'll get out and see some of the amazing places our country has to offer...
buuuuuuuuut I just can't make it happen now........"
hold that thought!
It saddens me greatly to hear that people with a wanderlust
fear the expense of a trip.
There are practical  steps  you can  take r-i-g-h-t  n-o-w to get
planning and  get out the door  with your family to explore
the natural and historic jewels of  America!
I'm not an expert in much, but on this, take my advice, okay? 
Here you go~

 And if you've a minute and would like to peruse some of our journeys,
All our travel posts...from sea to shining sea!

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  1. What a fun idea. Love all the movie especially Dances with Wolves which I've seen many times. But, I have not watched Son of the Morning Star so thanks for giving me something new to see.

    1. Patti

      Thanks for stopping in! Happy to see that I've been able to give you a movie recommendation in SOTMS! I hope you like it...

      Will be over to visit your blog today Patti!


  2. Fun idea! Often movies have inspired me to want to see the places they were made.

    1. Isn't that fun, Pam! I agree....seeing the spots where fave movies/TV shows were filmed is amazing.

      Thanks for the visit Pam

  3. We've seen most of those movies, all good ones. I love exploring our country and hope to do more of it in the next few years.

    I think the reason more Americans don't go places like Little Big Horn is because our country plays down these horrific episodes in our history. The shameful treatment of our natives is a blemish I think they'd rather hide from.

    1. YES, Toni!!

      Wow, so agreed. We do tend to sanitize history, don't we?? Excellent point and probably the main reason why many are not aware of the sites connected with the events!

      THanks for visiting!

  4. Some of these I have seen and love But now I have some movies to catch up on and add to my must see list.

  5. We just love RV; I never get sick of that movie. It's hilarious.


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