Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Date" ~ A Novena, an Election < #write31days >

As you know, this month, I'm joining  Write 31
writing off  a one word prompt daily.
For today's prompt, "date," I thought I'd  depart 
from my  poetry-ish free-writes and   
share with you instead, a novena.
We, here in the US, are leading up to the presidential election
  in just  nine days
and so beginning t-o-d-a-y, I'm inviting all my readers and friends,
whatever your religion or political leanings to join in
prayer for the future of our great nation.
The Savior has our back,  whatever the outcome.

This novena is positively my favorite because I get 
practical and consistent email reminders as one is about to begin
and then daily during the nine day stretch. 
How great is that?
 You can sign up too at Pray More Novenas. com.

Here's the Election Novena that begins today,
Sunday October 30, just nine days before The Big Day.

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Want to know more about the novena, a powerful nine day
prayer for a specific intention or grace?
This is an amazing resource:

 And may God Bless America

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Have you heard about the 
What are you waiting for??
Go ahead over and enter!
Good luck!
Dayspring is a partner in the #write31days challenge!!

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