Monday, October 31, 2016

"Only" ~ Those Halloweens of the Past < #write31days >


As you know, this month, I'm joining  Write 31,
writing off  a one word prompt daily. 
THIS is the very last day of the challenge and wow......
what a month.
Admittedly, I did miss one or two days a few weeks back.....
buuuuuut,  here it is,  the end of the month.
So, THANK YOU for sticking with me all the way through!

For today's prompt, "only,"
I'm departing from my poety-ish free writes to
reach back and grab some Halloween memories from years ago,
sharing a photo < or four >  of those days 
when our only, our  singular purpose, 
 was to live in the moment enjoy the excitement.
The fleeting years of dress up and cupcake decorating
and warm cider during trick or treat breaks. 
To grab  the feeling, to remember their giddy anticipation
while donning the costume accessories, the face paint,
grabbing the pumpkin buckets and heading  out  to ring those 
door bells all over town.

 Halloween 2007
A blur of excitement


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