Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Day after Halloween: Chocolate Haze & KIller Recipes!

Can we just talk about how Halloween should NEVER be on a Monday?
 It’s just  cruel to all the kids  (and parents ) out there. 
The sugar crash, the insane bedtime,
the costume accoutrements found littering your
 den, hall, kitchen this morning.
And my kids are <sort of > out of the  childhood
Halloween  - hysteria -  age.
Though we still do trick or treat! 
As they get older, the crazy wanes...but only a little.
And truth be told, I love it all, especially the crazy.
So, my solution, even though I'm posting a bit 
late in the day (sorry) to the whole
howtodealwiththesugarhigh  is to ..... ....bake.
That's right. 
A little hair of the dog?
Whaddya say?
So, this morning, amid the wrappers, bowls, glowsticks and 
 pillowcases of candy lying about,
I decided to dig right in and make brownies.
Crazy, right?
While everyone's still stuck in a sugar haze, 
this was, for me, the only way to greet the day!
let me share with you some awesome spots that you might not know about.....
and how great is that......
to find cool, easy,  killer dessert recipes!

First of all, THIS is the brownie recipe I used today....
found over at my good friend, Lisa's,  home on the web
If you're looking for a quick,  tasty dessert, Lisa and her daughter have
tried and tested pretty much anything you could dream up.
Lisa features everyday ingredients that you don't need to run out and hunt down.
They're already in your kitchen and you won't believe  what she creates with them.
So go check them out here at Home to Four Kiddos!
looks super yummy, right?

 I love to haunt is A Slice of Smith Life.
the home of  my friend, Tracy, who shares ideas, activities and TREATS around
liturgical year feast days and holidays.
If you're looking for a fun birthday cake or holiday sweet, head to Tracy's!
I think this campfire cake is  my favorite,

 but there are soooooo many from which to choose.
If you don't already follow Tracy,
 now you know where to go next time you need a unique dessert!

 Anything...absolutely anything at Recipe Girl!
 For chocolate galore and so many more  easy scrumptious ideas,
I love Lori's blog. 
I'm SO happy I stumbled onto her home on the web! 

These Cookies 'n' Cream Cookies are full of white chocolate chips and crushed Oreos for true cookie addicts! They are soft and chewy and not cakey!

I haven't tried making these  cookies yet, but SOON!!

One last spot that I recently discovered  is Kelly's site, Live Laugh Rowe.
I'm not sure if I found Kelly in a blogging group or what,
but the first time I clicked over, I knew I had to become a regular!
I made a quiche recipe recently that I found over at Kelly's,
but the desserts  look  amazing!
I just love perusing her treats

< I have a good number of treat recipes right here, too!
Enjoy those goodies! >

                                                                  Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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Until next time
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  1. Chris, I love this post and love the idea of giving your readers more sweetness after the sugar high holiday :) Thank you so much for linking up to my blog and sharing my campfire cake photo! :)

  2. Having Halloween on a Monday was tough for my kids as well. I love the recipes you shared. They all sound delicious.


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