Sunday, December 18, 2016

"The Stockings Were Hung" ~ 23 Frugal & Unique Stockings AND Stuffers!

The Big Day's a week from today! 
and soooooooo: another shopping guide for you.

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In today's post~ stocking stuffers!
Everyone's favorite to discover wrapped and hidden at the toe of your
But not so easy to locate , right?

Hopefully, these ideas may solve some of your stocking stuffer dilemma~!

First of all, let's hang those stockings with style
 with these lovely options~

No mantle~ No problem!
Here ya go~

Our stockings have been around forEVER!
But inc ase yours are in need of replacement,
here are a few gorgeous ones to peruse~

Kurt Adler 21 inch designed
set of 2

set of two ~ white and red

Now.......onto stuffing those stockings~
Even adults love to play with..........

and the unique thinking putty

How about some treats?
And who wouldn't love to find that Santa left these.........?

Rice Krispy Treats

Strawberry Twizzlers

To keep nice n cozy warm..........

(cozy velvet lined) 

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  1. Great list!! Thank you for compiling this.

  2. Love all the goodies you found Chris and highlighted for us! We hang out stockings on our stair case because our mantle isn't big enough for them and we don't have enough stocking hangers :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'll bet those stockings look beautiful too!

      Thanks for stopping by Tracy!

  3. Great list! I still need some stocking stuffers. I'll be adding a few of these.
    Merry Christmas! Wishing your family and you a very wonderful Christmas season.

    1. Same to you Monique!!! A wonderful Christmas to you and the family as well.

      Thx for stopping by!


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