Monday, December 12, 2016

Time Does Fly~ A Quick Look Back at Four Years........

 On this very day in 2012,
Our Lady's Feast Day, I decided to begin my "online journal,"
never, ever realizing the world of opportunity and friends
 that would come my way because of it!

I've met so many truly amazing people,
developed friendships with special individuals
on this and three other!.....
.....been granted the privilege to experience 
and hopefully, improved my writing skills 
here in myhome on the web.....
I've slapped some poetry and memoir up here
as well as shopping guides,
 a camping how-to, birthday party wrap ups,
more cakes than I can count...but here's my fave, for you Whovians.
And here's a  Victory Cake for Hunger Games readers.....
boy, it's been a blast!
No one's more surprised than I am that I'm still here,
with "regulars" stopping by and new friends on occasion,
peeking in to introduce themselves and leave a comment once in  while too!
And thank you all!

How about a real  quick peek at the top 3 reasons readers
have stopped by?

WIth this a close second...........>>>

 And this, travel post, sliding right in to 3rd place~!

And my "wrap up" of each year since I began blogging?
Here is my look back at 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Didn't write one yet for 2016!
But I did embark this year on
two blog challenges this year!
Here's the April A to Z challenge

and the October #Write31Days challenge!

I am privileged to have a story included in the
Five MInute Friday Book!!

I've been honored to blog for the NY Cosmos 

as well 
as Compassion International

for our diocese when Papa rocked the Garden last year!

Yup, it's been a full year here on the blog.....
and that's thanks to YOU, my friends!

Thank you for spending some of YOUR busy day right here with me!

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Until next time,



  1. Congratulations on 4 fab years! I remember the "birth" when you were trying to decide on the name of your blog and I've so enjoyed your posts, ideas and watching your boys grow through the years into smart, handsome, God-fearing young men! Thank you Chris for your friendship across the miles and internet waves! God bless you in blog life and real life! :)

    1. Tra~
      Friends are the best and most important part of blogging, for me...... Thanks TOO for being such a dear friend....xoxoxo


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