Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sponsor Love on the Blog ~ Back to Basics Bargain Books, Ground Breaking Reading Curriculum, Deals on Amazon & Target AND Compassion Bloggers

Happy Friday--- more than halfway through 
this  <very mild! yay! > January......!
I've several brand new sponsors to 
introduce to you all today, 
along with a few returning sponsors as well. 

 Regular readers know I've grappled with the concept of
 affiliate marketing and sponsors here on the blog.
However, the products and companies I'm sharing with you today 
are those which  I am proud to purchase and use--- 
really....these are items I use in everyday "life." 

And as for affiliate links,  for those who don't know.....
affiliate marketing  basically refers to  a commission received
For example, when readers visit my blog and
 decide to buy something that I’ve written about, I received a
<small> referral fee.
It’s transparent to you, the buyer,  and doesn’t affect your cost.

So, today, I'm happy to direct you to books, resources, companies
which I've found useful, inspiring a-n-d frugal
in the hopes that you will too!
I really feel there's something for everyone on this list....
So, here goes!

~ 1 ~ 

(since the sale is over, I've deleted the info.... )

~ 2 ~

 I'm thrilled to welcome as a sponsor
my favorite curriculum provider....
(and you know I'm a curriculum junkie...
so this is saying something.....!) 
Reading Horizons is  a  company offering  ground breaking
reading intervention which is
systematic, muti - sensory and explicit.

I'm implementing  the Elevate software for my 14 year old
dyslexic son.....
By the way, new readers many not know, 
I've devoted a wealth of posts to dyslexia and dysgraphia here....
I've been searching for a solid program for a good number of years.
My son is now IN school  - we are no longer homeschooling.
BUT...I am unhappy with the program being utilized  in his 
remedial reading class know I'm hard to please with this sort of thing.....
and I'm thrilled to have discovered RH to use with him 
on weekends and occasional evenings!
The hunt is over.

 Blogger friends,  #s 3 and 4 on my list are for you!

Want to make over $1000 a month with Amazon affiliates? 
(are you kidding, of course! who wouldn't!?)
So let's read and learn together you guys!
 ~ 4 ~

You can do this even if you don’t have the perfect idea yet, 

or you are busy, or you’re not techy!

I can affirm that blogging is an amazing experience and
if you're considering starting a blog yourself,
here's two words for you: DO IT! 
By the way, I  love Suzi at 
Start a Mom Blog....go visit her site and enjoy!

~ 5 ~

Everyone's fave online shopping site!

Image result for amazon logo

No matter what you're in the market for,
whether books, clothes, household items or a gift card,
 amazon's the spot!
Again, if you purchase through my link,
amazon offers me a small commission,
but your cost = $0. 
(Thank you!)

~ 6 ~
Do you looooooove Target,
 but can't get to the store due to 
your sweet baby's nap schedule or your adorable toddler's cold?
Or you'd jst prefer to shop from the couch in pj's?!
Plus how cure is the Target puppy??!!

Don't sweat can shop online
right here at Target get the same amazing quality
and reasonable prices!

~ 7 ~
Last but certainly not least,
an important and vital sponsor .......:

I'm proud to blog for Compassion.
I've been part of the Compassion family of bloggers
for almost  two years now and I couldn't be more honored.
Details about this humanitarian  organization are available here.

I'm happy to link Kelly's for Quick Takes !
Please visit Kelly to peruse some wonderful  posts! 

Thank you for spending some of your precious time today
here at my home on the web! 
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This post contains amazon affiliate links....
If you are shopping at  amazon this Christmas season,
would you consider clicking through my link
In this way, I will receive a small commission on the purchase.....
a few pennies per dollar.

Until next time,



  1. Awesome post, we all need to get back to basics sometimes. I just shared a post from way back myself.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Lovely to see you here!
    I'll be visiting your blog today as well!


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