Monday, January 23, 2017

Turning Mother Against Child in the Name of Freedom? Not Part of His Plan

For 44 years, we have been living a nightmare.
Truly,  living in America today is like stepping into the
pages of a Ray Bradbury or Kurt Vonnegut piece
< Brutal geniuses that they were. >
where suicides and life "terminations" and more- are common and accepted.
It's a horror, a nightmare of epic proportions and
those who speak against it are, at best, considered pariahs....
 at worst, downright crazy.

Contrary to what many consider a victory ......
a victory for women, for families, for America,
the fact is when the Supreme Court, through Roe v Wade,
 legalized abortion on demand  on this day in 1973,
it crushed the rights of a child in order to preserve a mother's 
right to destroy her child's life.

It made acceptable the tearing apart of mother and child in
the name of progress.

And equality.
 And femininity.
And freedom.

But what freedom is there to the taking of a life?

To establish that the rights of  women are predicated on 
exterminating  the most defenseless members of society..... ?
That's no freedom at all.
Nor is it progress.
Nor, civil rights.

But many don't see it this way.
And I get that..... I really do.
I get that many women feel enslaved by their fertility.
And I get that they feel they need the "right' to choose 
the when, the how, the why of their reproductive-ness.

Those marches that took place in DC and in other cities
of our great nation  this past weekend..?
There was a lot of snark and derision on the web around these but really, 
I get why women march......they stand with the voiceless.
They stand in solidarity for those who cannot,
for those who do not.
For those who don't have the freedoms, the privileges 
and the rights that we, here in the greatest nation in the world, do have.

Isn't that essentially what The March for Life is?
Aren't we, who march for rights of the preborn, also a voice for the
For the defenseless?
For those whose rights have been trampled?

How are these two causes mutually exclusive?
Imagine the force we could be, if we harnessed our fervor and 
perseverance ....those who march for women
and those who march for the preborn....
to institute, to restore the rights of both,

How can we not see that The March for Life IS pro-women?
Just as it IS pro-life and pro-preborn child?

We might say.... there are there SOME women 
whose attention seeking tactics in the march on DC this past weekend
were...well...less than, um,  ladylike.

Well,  my friends, 
there are some pro-life advocates
who've attempted to make a point with less than 
peaceful means as well.
< put down the tomatoes...this is the truth > 

You know they're out there and they make us all look bad.

Hey, I'm about as devoted to the prolife cause as one can get.
And let's be honest.
There are fringe wackos in every movement, are there not?
They tear apart all the good and all the rationality.
When one hears "prolife," one tends to think of 
abortion-clinic bombing psychopaths
NOT the thousands of good natured, kind hearted  souls
who, in my parish alone, collected close to $6000 in cash and
two truckloads of baby gear in only one weekend after masses for
our local chapter of Birthright.
Because that's what prolifers do.
Because we value the life of baby and mother and
we're there to applaud that woman as she exacts her RIGHT to choose life.
We're behind her, cheering her and offering her tangible
support and we're not judgmental because
Lord knows, that could be any of us or our daughters or our sisters
or our friends or our neighbors or coworkers.

We are all His daughters.
He has great things in store for all of us.
I don't presume to know His plan, but I can venture a guess that
turning against one another
and pre-born members of society is not part of it.

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  1. Such great, thought-provoking points you make in this article. Thank you for making me think, and for reminding us the value of femininity - and, feminism.

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for stopping means a lot that you took the time to visit!


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