Sunday, February 26, 2017

What's on My Night Table? { Fiction, Dyslexia, Sacramental prep }

I've been reading a few  titles lately
that are seriously share worthy.... 
Can't wait to get started!

a tremendous amount.
This is my latest "find" on advocating for your
child and allowing your child to begin to become an advocate 
for himself and his own needs.
Yes,s there's some background info on dyslexia itself,
but The Empowerment Plan has really more 
of a focus on the ins and out
of the IEP, practical accommodations and 
attainable goals.
When you have a child with the gift of dyslexia, 
you're always on a  fast train to research and insight  and 
constantly update your knowledge base for newer, better, more efficient
ways to help, accommodate and intervene.
It never stops.
Whether you home school or brick and mortar school,
your work is never "done" when it comes to 
How to Help Make Life Less Frustrating For Your Dyslexic Child.
By the way, here's a post I wrote not 

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Luanne Rice is one of my forever favorite authors!
Seriously if you don't know Luanne, check her out!
She typically sets her stories in Connecticut and/or New England right on the 
Long Island Sound....which is perfect for me....because we live 
directly across The Sound from her  characters...right on LI.
Really......go read this.
You'll love Honor and John and their
three girls and you'll laugh and cry with them.
Add a star if you ( like me!! ) are 100% Irish...
go see why!

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I'm only a few chapters in on Liane Moriarty's latest and of course
I love it!
Her wit and uniqueness are gripping from page one.
Plus I love The Land Down Under where her books are set there's that.

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My youngest is getting ready for confirmation in May 
and we're big on Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle's
 staple for sacramental prep.
Highly highly recommend!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Not having any first or secondhand experience with dyslexia, I think I've incorrectly assumed it's widely and easily recognized, but it sounds like there's still a lot of work to be done. My son was confirmed Saturday, so the confirmation book is of interest to me too!


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