Monday, February 27, 2017

What's Saving My Life Right Now ~ from purses to organizers to book series to friends~

I love memoir.
Just adore it.
As a writer, poet and memoirist myself, 
I can't get enough of others' stories.
And that's not due to a voyeuristic streak or anything----
or even a love of biographies.
<Because biographies?  blech. >
It's the need I have to get a sense of  how others structure 
snapshot - ing  their lives.
The ordinary-ness, the extraordinary-ness.
Just how other writers 
create a window into a moment 
---or even a day or a year ---- in the life
and make it not only readable, but gripping, is something
I can't get enough of.
Way more important to me  than what writers write  is how they write.
 I guess a post of my can't - live - without -  'em
 memoirs is upcoming? 😏

So what does this have to do with what's saving my life?
 It's all based on the amazing memoir of
Barbra Brown Taylor, Leaving Church.
 Taylor tells us when she was once 
invited to speak at a gathering, her host told her simply, 
“Tell us what is saving your life right now."
She says this is too good a thought not to revisit from time to time.

Most of us can easily articulate what's killing us, but few 
of us pay attention to what’s giving us life.
Anne, at MMD, has begun a 
"what's saving our lives now" party and of course,
I'm happy to join in with a few seriously life - saving items,
books, shows and hacks!

~ 1 ~ 
Let's start with this bag.
I know, not exactly crucial or  meaningful, right?
But as they say, it's the little things....

I thought, years ago, that as the boys got older, my bag would get smaller.
Hmmm, not so.
Now, it's stuffed with all things me.

~ 2 ~ 
Roomy enough to neatly house all my must-haves from keys to planners
< I adore this one, but it's way too pricey sooooo,
I'll stick with this one~

I really like a no - frills month at a glance planner...
I know the whole world is busy tapping their lives into their phones or whatnot
to stay organized.
I'm big on paper planners.
They work for me.

~ 3 ~ 
As does this monthly wipe off  wall calendar 
on which everyone's activities 
and appointments are color coded.

The Board Dudes 16X20-Inches Aluminum Framed Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar, with a Marker and Two Magnets (CYG21)

I'm definitely an organizational items junkie!

 ~ 4 ~ 
Also in that bag, this awesome zippered pouch 
which contains all those small
items that float around the floor of the bag!

Customizable Medium Sized Cosmetic Case - Light Blue/Navy Damask Design

 ~ 5 ~ 

What else is saving my life??
GOOD friends who have my back, hold me in prayer
and are always there to lend an ear.
They're nearby or just an instant message away.

~ 6 ~ 
Long, brisk walks.....  short ones too.
Definitely getting o-u-t there everyday no matter 
what the temp or if there's precip.
It's necessary, I find.
For too long I never "found the time" to devote to
clearing my head --and exercise of course--through the walk.

~ 7 ~ 
No, it's certainly not high quality lit.
But at night huddled under a warm blanket....
which by the way...yup...another on the saving my life list..... easy reading.
I've come to enjoy following the O'Briens' lives and loves and
trials and tribulations.

I don't carve out time to read during the day;
so nighttime, right before sleep,  is IT.
Chesapeake Shores is just what I needed since 
I think I'm only about a third of the way through 
all of the Shores titles.

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  1. Stopping by from Holley Gerth's place. I did a What's Saving My Life post too. They're interesting to read as there's almost always a take away. From your post, I'm reminded that the book, Leaving Church, was something I meant to read as I've heard it recommended by several. It's now on my list. I also like organizational things but I'm more digital. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Debby! I'll be right over to you soon too :)

      I do enjoy that particular memoir---hope you do as well!

      Be well, Debby!

  2. It drives my husband up the wall that I love my paper calendars/planners. But, I love them! This is a great list.

    1. Oh I hear ya! I just can't go digital on the planners!

      Thanks for stopping by Anni!

  3. Barbara Brown Taylor is on my list to read SOON. And truly, my heart is warmed to read about large purses and the relative merits of paper planners. So lovely.

    1. Yes! I love the large bags and of course my planners!

      Thanks Michele for stopping by!

  4. So much of what made it to our lists is the same!!! That bag is perfect. I love a good neutral bag that holds a ton and goes with everything.

    Staying organized makes SUCH a difference!

    Friends and walks and a stack of books to plow through are little doses of magic. I'm going to have to check out that series! Have you ever read Laura Childs's Tea Shop Mysteries? They're quick reads that take place in Charleston, SC and they are my most recent discovery series wise!

    1. Well, I look forward to clicking over to your list, Victoria!! And, I'm definitely going to check out the Tea Shop Mysteries! Thank you!!
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. I love physical planners too. I definite rely on our iCalendar, but the paper one makes me happy. I use Emily Ley's Simplified Planner and love it.


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