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"X" Marks the Spot! A Pirate Party Fit for the Most Daring of Swashbucklers < #AtoZbloggingchallenge >

You must have pirate-crazy kids if you're here;
 the whole Jolly Roger / Black Pearl thing is pretty cool, huh?
When it's not ruthless, bloody and inhuman.
But let's focus on the, well, fun of the seafaring life, shall we?
Thought I'd share some highlights of
 a Pirates of the Caribbean party we held for my son a while back.
Because cake, buccaneers, and sea -  themed food faves plus
 the #AtoZbloggingchallenge, given  today's super stumper
of a letter, X,
led me to organize our pirate shindig into a post!

In fact, I personally can't stand the POTC movies, but 
my crazy kid has seen each of them only
about twice and has. each. movie. memorized. 
I kid you not. The entire movie.
He memorizes whole movies, tv episodes and plays "by accident," he claims.
Since he's been a walking wiki on all things  POTC,
a pirate birthday theme was a no brainer!

The birthday boy pretty much came up with all the aspects of the pirate-y theme,
from the invitation ( we made a cool one
and if you, too, are having a pirate-y themed party, email me and I'll
be happy to send it to you)
to the decor, to the treats,  the favors and the music.
We even salvaged a shipwreck of a cake.
Ok it looked far from impressive, but it did look authentic -  pirate.
Extra icing and a wealth  of paper  and candy 
skull and crossbones  decoration do wonders.
And luckily big brother had the honor of DJ-ing!
So here we go~

~Decorations and preparations~

We bought a box of banner letters and paper fasteners 
at Walmart
to string up pirate expressions!

Next came the Dollar Tree skeletons with the AAA battery operated blinking green eyes
which we had on hand from Halloween....
hung with a gruesome warning.......

... depicting a morbid movie scene!

Lots of candy making in the kitchen!
treasure chests  were artfully crafted....

...And the day of, we iced, labelled and set up the pirate bounty!

Anyway, all of the serving accessories save that pretty cupcake display,
were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Pirate-y photos, which we printed off the web and then laminated, 
 fish nets decorations and blue lights strung around the house
gave a nautical "glow."

~Pirate treats~

Sorry I can't  turn these few shots, no matter what I do!

All the food was Pirates of the Caribbean -inspired and
 conjured  by the birthday boy.

A close up of the handmade chocolate~

...and more goodies concocted with yellow chocolate and dark chocolate:

...with Dollar Tree pirate coins strewn around~

Blue jello and candy skulls~

~~The cake~~

What we used to decorate and make, above and
what came out of the pan, below~!

With a lot of patience and time
yay!.......... we salvaged it and turned it 
from shipwreck to well, not fancy, but at least, recognizable, galleon!

 ~~The favors~~

This year they were simple, frugal and very appreciated.
Clear favor bags from Michael's, decks of cards--- 2/$1 at Dollar Tree,
pirate themed pencils and skull and crossbones bandannas

tied up with red ribbon.

~The music and fun~

Ghost stories and marshmallow roasting~

Older bro provided music, complete with garage-sale bought disco ball!

And THAT pretty much sums up the revelry among the local pirates~!
I don't share pictures of kids other than my own here on my blog;
so all the group shots around the cake, campfire and the "dance floor"
are still on the memory card.
Great,smiling faces and tons of fun with all his friends.
He's very lucky to have them...and they, him!

~The birthday tree~
I create a birthday tree for my boys to display  photos of them
throughout each year and "charms" depicting their hobbies and interests.
It's easy and they love a special tree dedicated to them!
This post gives the how-to.
Here's a quick shot of the tree a few years ago.:

Image result for new york city themed blog post dividers
I'm happy to participate  in the A to Z blog challenge! 

X is for X Marks the Spot!
 A Pirate Party Fit for the Most Daring of Swashbucklers  

And here are all of the 2016 A to Z  Blog Challenge posts~~ ~

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  1. 2 things:

    1. You guys are SUPER creative!! I love all these ideas, and hope to maybe squirrel a few away for someday! Such a great inspirational post!

    2. I may have to steal the birthday tree idea! I love, love, love that unique way to celebrate each child as their special day rolls around! 😍😍

    Thanks for this creative post!

    1. Aw, thanks Anni!
      So appreciate your visit as well as your kind words. Hey, I'd love to see pics if/when you do adapt some ideas for your own pirate bash! Can't wait!



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