Friday, May 12, 2017

Sacrament of Confirmation: Gift Guide for Confirmand & Sponsor

Sacramental time is upon us!
Those red robes of Confirmation and white dresses and veils
of First Holy Communion are popping up all over!
This week, my youngest received confirmation.
It was an absolutely wonderful day for so many reasons!
I'll be back with a glimpse soon.......
we're still riding the excitement!
In the meantime, I put together this gift list.
For my son and is sponsor, we ( and confirmand's older brother!)
purchased six of the seven gifts here.
They're perfect keepsakes of the day
and reasonable priced too.

Here goes....happy shopping!

                                 Holy Spirit Dove Cross Wood Beaded Rosary

My son's a rosary collector.
He's made a few, been gifted a few for special occasions...
we even have glow in the dark rosaries for camping trips!
But we felt he needed to have this special set with the
dove/ Holy Spirit cut out on the cross....perfect, no?

Keepsake box for rosaries, prayer cards!

A perfect gift is a biography of the saint whose name
is taken by the confirmand..... 
My son's favorite saint is St Dominic Savio.
We were thrilled to gift him
 the saint's highly acclaimed life story  
penned by his teacher, St John Bosco!

Beautiful keepsake of the confirmand's saint name!
Pictured here, the St Dominic Medal we bought our son.
Amazon has thousands of options!

He chose his aunt, who's also his godmother, as his sponsor
and she loved loved loved this pewter standing cross.
He wrote his own message on the back in sharpie too......
there's room enough for that if your confirmand wants to do the same.

God with silver, or vice versa:


I adore these pendants! Definitely bookmarking them as gift options
for the next confirmation we attend!!


The Cross in My Pocket

This is another beautiful cross in my pocket choice~ 


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  1. Such a great set of gift ideas!! (And, I was unaware that St. John Bosco was St. Dominic Savio's teacher...)

    I need to bookmark this for Confirmation someday... šŸ¤” Thank you for sharing!

    1. So happy you stopped by Anni and enjoyed perusing the list!!

      Thanks for your kind words!

  2. The wood rosary is my favorite! I have a thing for wooden Rosaries. Love this list, thank you!

    1. YES! I do too, Sara!! There's something about them, more so than the crystal-beaded rosaries!!

      Thank you for your visit!!

  3. That Rosary box is perfect!!

    1. I know, isn't it great Amy!?
      Thank you for stopping by!


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