Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy blogoversary to Campfires and Cleats! 5 years of memories~

 On this very day in 2012,
Our Lady's Feast Day, I decided to begin my "online journal,"
never, ever realizing the world of opportunity and friends
 that would come my way because of it!

I've met so many truly amazing people,
developed friendships with special individuals
on this and three other continents....wow!.....
.....been granted the privilege to experience 
unique and crazy adventures....
and hopefully, improved my writing skills 
here in myhome on the web.....
I've slapped some poetry and memoir up here
as well as shopping guides,
 a camping how-tobirthday party wrap ups,
more cakes than I can count...but here's my fave, for you Whovians.
And here's a  Victory Cake for Hunger Games readers.....
boy, it's been a blast!
No one's more surprised than I about the world
of opportunity, creativity and reflection that my home on the 
web has paved the way for me.......
with "regulars" stopping by and new friends on occasion,
peeking in to introduce themselves and leave a comment once in  a while too!
And thank you all!

So, a look back with me??
Let's do it~~~ 

How about a real  quick peek at the top 3 reasons readers
have stopped by?

Back when I was a home school Mom
and I'd blog our curriculum, our crafts and our liturgical life:

The number two draw ever to my home on the web here,
was this post about our journey to San Francisco :

The Best Sour Dough Bread Bowl Clam Chowder 
You'll Ever Have, this Side of Fisherman's Wharf
which was more about Alcatraz, street artists, the Golden Gate
and walking the wharf, than it was about the actual recipe.
Though this clam chowder is to- die-for!

Third most visited post over five years of blogging?

This reflection on our trip to the Pacific Northwest:
Glacial Peaks, Alpine Creeks, Gunslingers and Gold Miners:

 How the West Was Lost 
Little Bighorn, Montana
formerly known as "Custer Battlefield National Monument"
July 2012

And my "wrap up" of each year since I began blogging?

Here's my look back at 20132014 and 2015. 2016!

Nope, haven't done a wrap of 2017 yet...coming soon!

 My blog's become less of a home school, craft, family scrapbook 
as it began in 2012
and developed into  more of a  travel / memoir space.

Over the past few years, Campfires and Cleats has had the  privilege of being sponsored 
 by some pretty amazing tourism companies.
A few of the organizations I've partnered with: 

The blog right now, right here in 2017?
Well, my kids are growing up and  there are fewer current family
photos, less in - depth view into our day to day.
Mainly because parenting teens is ....well.......
harder than parenting littles
  and....although I love you guys....
it's just not for public consumption, IMHO.

 So........fewer peeks into the deep and the personal.
Of which there has been much recently.

But that's me and that's my season of life now.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time today
here at my home on the web! 

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Until next time,


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