Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 in 12 ( Photos, that is!)

I can't get enough of others' stories.
And that's not due to a voyeuristic streak or anything----
It's the need I have to get a sense of  how others structure 
snapshot - ing  their lives.
The ordinary-ness, the extraordinary-ness.
How do we create  a window into a moment 
---or even a day or a year ---- in the life
and make it  memorable, gripping?
That's  something I can't get enough of.

2017, for my family, was landmark in many ways.
Ways in which I cannot elucidate here,
 as much of it is not for public eyes and ears.
(even though I do love my readers!)
However, I'm grateful for the opportunity
to look back through my photography
 at the past twelve months.
There is always, always something to be grateful for.
That's my focus.... I'm a  glass 1/2 full kinda gal
and silver linings are my thing.
A huge thank you goes to Bobbi for hosting 12 in 2017.
It's been a treat, Bobbi. 💙

Here we go~~! 

a light dusting the first week of the new year

wintry beauty on Valentine's Day

my fellas made me a cake!!!
It was red velvet and delish

my youngest, for the second time, has the honor
f portraying our Savior at our parish's Good Friday Stations

We celebrated the sacrament of confirmation
and, can you believe, our family's  l-a-s-t sacrament 
 until one of the kids gets married!
My son chose St Dominc as his patron saint 
and no, it was not his birthday.... those 7 candles
represent the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

My most  favorite flowers in our yard...
I just love tiger lilies

A trip to one of the seven wonders of the world again this summer.
If you'd like an in depth peek, here's my story:
Descent to the Colorado: 7 Tips for Hiking 5000 Feet 
and 10 Miles in 120 Degree Heat to Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch

Our annual week in paradise n earth, The Adirondacks

My son made varsity soccer !
DE - fense!
As you know, I don't share pics of my family on
the blog any longer....
soooooooo I thought  this shot would be apropos.

One of our many autumn evening fires

 A peek at  one of our Thanksgiving decorations.
By the way, I picked up the banner here!

A mid December birthday!
Yes those are LOST references!  Saw the memes...needed to frame them!
We're huge LOSTies here, know that!

Image result for birthday themed post dividers
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  1. Loved looking at your photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great way to document and celebrate the year!

  3. That lily photo makes me crave sunshine, warmth, and flowers! :(


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