Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Time to charge my hat" and other amazing gifts we gave and received this season!

End of January and yes, 
we still have a few stray Christmas decorations
around, lighting up chilly wintry nights.....
 I realized that while I put together a pre holiday gift guide
with tons of goodies I bought for friends/family
or recommended for certain hobbyists
 we have so many unique and thoughtful gifts still under our tree
and in use that I need to share---!
Some really clever items to follow, you guys!
And by the way, there are a few affiliate links within~

Let the gifting begin~! 
Perhaps a special Valentine gift in store?

~ 1 ~ 

Our boys are runners.
On the team and on their own.
It's their thing.
When I discovered this hat, I knew it was a must have~!! 

Yes it was a huge hit.
......Comes with a 4 inch wire for easy USB charging that lasts 
a LONG time!

~ 2 ~ 
Your name in lights?

We went to a wedding recently and I feel in love with the
couple's initials lit up in a  variety of places around the hall!
Yes, I found said letters with my own kids's names 
and scooped 'em up.
They look classy and cute on bookshelf or windowsill!
Girl, boy, does not matter---they're dressy and cool.
Check out the "marquee" initial letters!

~ 3 ~ 

One of my boys is a lover of horses and all
things equestrian! This was a surprise birthday gift for his big day 
back in December!

~ 4 ~ 

I finally upgraded from a basic tracfone to a "real" cell!
Santa left a gorgeous pink jewel  - toned Motorola E4 
wrapped in great disguise under the tree!
It's SO pretty --best part-----?
The case:

Princess-y phone case, anyone?

Not heavy into girl -y or floaty hearts, buuuuuut......
 I do love this
Here are all the color options

~ 5 ~ 

So, you guys know my absolute favorite show of all time, right?! 
 My son was able to jump through some tech-y 
hoops to put this ring tone on my new cell phone!! Which brings me to
another highlight under our tree-----
LOST dvd's

We have the entire series, save for season 4---

Santa knows how to take care of us, survivors of Oceanic flight 815, no?!

And speaking of LOST~
Both my kids are big fans...
exploring theories behind plot and characterization is
a favorite past time around here....
So THIS is a perfect item of apparel one son gave the other:

There are so many versions of Hurley's numbers out there in
clothing, pillows and the like....
if you're a LOSTie too, you can check out more cool
Enjoy shopping!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your families gifts with my my family. I know both my husband and son would love that Beanie as well as the Horse necklace. As for me I love the phone case with the hearts on it. And we have the same phone.

    1. Wow, coincidence on the phone model! I hope you enjoy it, should you decide to pick one up!
      Thanks for stopping by to say HI!

  2. Oh my gosh, the beanie hat! Genius! Totally adding that to my wishlist for hubby (or me, ha).

    1. Well, I can't rec it enough. Both my kids love it! Perfect for runners Jen!
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I just read a book by J.J. Abrams and it reminded me how much I loved Lost! That shirt with Hurley's numbers is awesome.
    Thanks so much for linking up to Five Favorites!

    1. Yes---so clever, those creators of LOST! Agreed.... I'd love to hear more about that book!
      Thanks for stopping by Ashley!

  4. I love your site and nice to see another blogspotter. :D

    1. Aw, thank you!
      I hear ya...nothing wrong with good old blogger!
      Thanks for stopping over Sarah! I'll click by and visit you this morning as well.....take care!

  5. These were all so fun, especially the beanie and the letters. Your mention of Lost also made me want to start the show again. I've actually only made it to season 3, I think, although I'm pretty sure I have DVDs of the other seasons somewhere. I need to investigate. Thx for sharing. :-)


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