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CLEP Test Prep Made Easy with! { An overview & a coupon just for my readers! }

Calling all parents of high school and university students.....
{ and students themselves~!}

Are you aware that "real" college credit can be earned by passing a test?
You may or may not be knowledgeable about just how this can happen.

CLEP,  or College Level Examination Program,
offered by The College Board,  
is a series of tests which assess prior knowledge in a myriad of subject areas,
 enabling students to  lower the cost of higher education.

Whether  your teens are home schooled or attend a brick and mortar
learning institution, the ability to utilize The College Board's program
has to sound enticing!
I know it appeals to me, mom of two high school aged kids.
So, just how do we begin the process of helping
 our kids prepare for the actual CLEP ?, a leading education company, and a highly recognizable
 "name,"  appearing at the top of  searches for
  everything from English lit to Psychology to Calculus, 
to elementary math skills, 
has a brand new product, which includes comprehensive 
 study guides and practice tests.

The CLEP program includes 33 exams 
which will earn a student college credits  
accepted at 2,900 colleges and universities. 
And  offers a test prep course encompassing lessons, 
self-assessment options and practice tools to help equip students with
 enhanced background knowledge
of each course in order to pass the test with flying colleges.

Let me share with you the following ~
this list of CLEP exams,
 which link to the study resources at,
followed by how one would actually log on and utilize's comprehensive review program:

Composition and Literature

CLEP American Literature: Study Guide & Test Prep

American Literature (3 credits)
College Composition (6 credits)
English Literature (3 credits
Humanities (3 credits)

World Languages

CLEP Spanish Language - Levels 1 & 2: Study Guide & Test Prep

History and Social Sciences

CLEP History of the United States II: Study Guide & Test Prep
American Government (3 credits

Science and Mathematics

CLEP Biology: Study Guide & Test Prep
Biology (6 credits)
Calculus (4 credits)
Chemistry (6 credits)
College Algebra (3 credits)
College Mathematics (6 credits)
Precalculus (3 credits)


CLEP Principles of Macroeconomics: Study Guide & Test Prep

Financial Accounting (3 credits)
Information Systems (3 credits)

Now, as for the details on optimally utilizing
Login and create your account right here:

You'll be taken to your own personalized dashboard, shown here: 

.......where you can sign in to any of the CLEP review programs

Now, let's take a look at's lead page for the
( This course  falls within the History and Social Sciences offerings):

As you can see, the course consists of 120 self paced lessons, 
for an average of 8 minutes each.

Now, you'd click on the "Start this Course" button, leading  you
to a pop up in which you have the option to ~
**  set an end date for the test prep
 ** receive reminder texts, helping you adhere to your review goals.
** become aware of your next lesson's topic
(Oh my goodness, this just keeps getting better, doesn't it? ) 
And here's what that looks like~

An added perk? You can easily and quickly edit each course's

 goals right in your dashboard! How convenient and organized is that?!

You can then peruse the course's syllabus :
Here's a glimpse~ 

I have to share with you, the bottom of the syllabus, which posts  
 a "timeline," if you will, of a student's projected goals
 in order to be successful with the review and examination.
Of course, this will enable the student to plan appropriately: 

Study Schedule for the CLEP American Government Exam

This prep course consists of about 13 instructional hours. The lessons are available in a flexible format, allowing you to easily incorporate study time into your schedule. We've provided a timetable below to help you determine the number of weeks you'll need to prepare for the exam. To make sure you get the test time slot that you want, call the test center early and make an appointment.
Study FrequencyWhen You'll Be Ready for the Exam
3 hours a day; 3 days a weekAbout 1.5 weeks
2 hours a day; 3 days a weekJust over 2 weeks
1 hour a day; 3 days a weekAbout 4 weeks

From that overview page, a student can 
take one of many  practice exams. 
So that you can get a sense of what's being asked,
 here are a few questions on the Constitutional Democracy 
exam within the America Government review we've been examining:

Overall, why is CLEP review the best solution for students who wish 
to take a PLA ( Prior Learning Assessment ) and earn college credit ?
** presents materials in a variety of methods which accommodates
 students of all learning styles.
**'s test prep courses are designed with the express purpose
of helping students pass the CLEP successfully and earn those credits.
**'s program includes short, intriguing videos 
( as well as corresponding transcripts)
** offers quizzes and practice exams along the way
** And my favorite feature: the personalized study program! 

And once you've registered for the CLEP  
( followed by successfully passing the test! ) 
the educators at want to be sure students know the 
exact step by step 
guidelines for transferring those college credits, as seen here in this screenshot:

Another of's impressive offerings?
A CLEP scholarship!  
Get the details and application form right here.

I'm really excited to share a  special discount
 JUST for my readers 
offered by the generous folks at

20% off for the first 3 months' subscription! 

~~~~ Must be redeemed by 4/15/2018~~~~

Just login right here and use that code to begin 
your course review and take the first steps to
earning those college credits with's CLEP review!

It's easier than ever to find and follow across social media platforms
 not only for their CLEP prep, but all of their  guides and resources.
Hey, those 30 million - plus students & teachers helped by each month
cannot be wrong!

While this is a sponsored post featuring's CLEP reivew program,
opinions are my own.
I highly highly recommend this unique and comprehensive
CLEP review program and without a doubt,
 plan to use the program
with my oldest, who is a senior in high school currently!

Thank you for spending some of your precious time today
here at my home on the web! 

Until next time,

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