Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lengthening Shadows: Adirondack Haven

Foggy mist breathing……..rolling toward shore
Dawn awakens in our corner of the world
Mauve and coral fingers reach from the east
brightening the morning,
illuminating  water lilies curving skyward,
the majestic mountains, too.
The ever present, rhythmic swell of cicadas,
 the sun dappled sandy beach
the towering old growth pines …..
They landmark our haven in these mountains
 and have, for decades.
By dusk, calm settles over camp
 Kids’ giggles and splashes reigned in after a day of memory making

 As day draws to a close, 
regal Old Glory is reverently taken from flagpole by route 9
 the constant swoosh of cars,
 the downshifting of trucks……..wane.
Shadows lengthen from our island in lake’s center,
 stretching to shore
Scattered lights pop on,
 spilling glowing yellow stripes across lake’s surface
  Patterns dance and flow onto beach
  Campfires are spotted around lake’s perimeter
 Flames shooting…….sparks  snapping.
Friendships forming…….cementing
A few staccato laughs….. mainly hushed conversations  though, over s’mores
  Aromas of pine, cinder and promise weave into our hair and sweatshirts,
  ending a perfect August day.
Months later crowds  thin,
temperatures plummet
 Crimson and rust, as if from artist’s palette, dot maple trees
Leaves splatter in nature’s heaps.
 Canoes and rowboats, stacked
 docks and floats,  stowed
  waiting for calendar pages point to summer, once again.
Winter settles into the range
It’s not the shrill of motor boats, 
but the rev of snow mobiles echoing  across our peaks.
 Ice envelops brambles now, in a blinding, dangerously beautiful, display.
  That island we swam to during an endless summer?

It is now our destination on skis and snow shoes.
Snow piles tower over cabins,
branches form delicate patchwork.
Those shadows we sought for reprieve on sun-drenched July days…….
 we now eschew in  frigid February.

I'm SOOOO honored to be a featured blogger at the Adk Center for Writing!
The above piece is one I submitted for "Poem Village,"
taking place in beautiful Saranac Lake in April...

ah the Adirondacks! Pretty much my favorite place ever....
But you know this~~it's an oft-written-of subject around here.

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