Sunday, March 18, 2018

Monday mashup & links I love

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Sort of a weekly dumping ground of updates and features.........:
Here goes: 

How's this for "pro life ~~~~
An entire four-storey building has been donated as housing for
100 pregnant woman, at a time,  who find themselves homeless.
There is help for those in difficult situations who choose life.
Contrary what many assume.

Foot, Baby, White

Here's more info on pro life help

Direct from the 1880s!!
Oldest message in a bottle found on Western Australia beach

Message In A Bottle Post Bottle Sand Beach

I know weather . com tends to be sensationalistic,
but I stumbled on this while searching an upcoming storm in my area recently~~
Go find YOUR state's "spot!"
I have to brag~ in our travels, 
we've stayed at 14 of the places mentioned!

Tent Camping, Beach, Leisure, Ocean

Maybe you saw it already?
(My Dad in the Philippines ~ WWII Army Infantry 1943 )

And for you LOST fangirls and guys~~
I found this -
-one of my most favorite scenes in the entire series for oh so many reasons.

Go watch~~~!!

 We saw this movie recently..... 
 I've been wanting to watch it for 20 years, literally. 
Wow, poignant or thought provoking, heart breaking.  Oh my Lord. Prophetic.
One of those movies that just stays with you.
Have you seen it? How did it strike you?

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  1. Chris! My husband and I watched Lost for the first time during the Fall and loved it! I remember my Mom raving about it while it was on TV but we just weren't there...maybe we were still watching 24? I don't remember? Anyways, so good! Really loved how they ended it too! Definitely fascinating! :D

    1. Hi Amanda
      No we did not watch when it was first aired either---! We're not 24 fans as of yet. I've heard a lot of rave reviews though. I think we should check it out!

      Thanks for stopping by my friend!


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