Tuesday, March 6, 2018

📓 What's on my night table ~

I love my occasional night table posts because
  as an avid reader, 
sharing books and hearing about the books 
that inspire strong reactions in other readers...
well that's pretty close to the best type of conversation there is.
Since we can't chat about books over a cuppa,
I guess this'll have to be the next  best thing, right?
So get comfy and let's talk about those page turners we're into these days!

I happened upon this title while perusing my library's stacks recently.
Don't quite know why it grabbed me.....certainly the subtitle,
"Have you ever wanted to run away?" was a bit off-putting, especially
since ( no spoilers! ) I get to know the main characters,
the settings and the specific situation which led to well,
as the title suggests...... the missing wife.:

Sheila O'Flanagan
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While the topic is unsettling, it is handled with grace and without
gratuitous glimpses into Imogene's ( the wife) marriage.
Ms O'Flanagan is my new favorite writer because of her skillful
manner of creating Imogene's world and taking us
from Dublin to Paris to the South of France
 and the French Pyrennes region.
I already have a few  more titles
bookmarked here at her  author page

A Tea Shop Mystery
I have to admit  to not having read the entirety of 
The Tea Shop series quite yet but wow, am I hooked!!
Laura Child's characters are endearing and her style is
definitely a step above that  of 
 the typical paperback currently out there in series form on 
a bestseller list.
This feels like classic lit with a fun, modern setting!

Virginia Woolf

So, it's been a good 30+ <gah > years 
 since I sat in high school English 
reading Woolf and other influential 20th century authors.
I was "inspired," to use that term lightly, 
 by a google doodle in January, honoring Ms Woolf on her birthday,
 to re -  investigate her  work.

Turns out that many credit Mrs Dalloway as the basis for, 
or forerunner of,  the show 24
Pretty cool. Makes sense, doesn't it?
I knew I must grab it and re-live it.
So I did and I loved it again!
Next up, the movie on dvd!!

in The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowery

Okay, The Giver is without a doubt a landmark book in my life.
Way back a million years ago...okay, only about 24.....when Lowry won
The Newbery Medal,  this ALA banned/challenged book
was a  --you either love it  or you hate it title--
 <And if you fall into the latter camp, I love you anyway.......>
she specifically said in her acceptance speech 
 that she would not write a sequel. 
And the ending which has incurred so much wrath
and confusion...much like that last ep of Lost......
well, that was left up to us and our own imaginations.
Now in my former life as a reading teacher
 and as a 3rd grade teacher, before 
mommyhood and homeschooling and blogging and writing
of my own, I know that I heard Ms Lowry's definitive pronouncement in
a taped copy of her acceptance speech
which someone I knew
somewhere along the way who was lucky enough to hear, her made for me.
Darn if I can't find it now  2 decades + later.......
And an internet search didn't lead me to it either.......
But obviously, the author's 
 mind was changed because here we are
with the supposed "sequel" to the classic dystopian  YA piece of lit.
In true Lowry fashion, of course the book is simply amazing.
But I still don't know
if I'm ready to step back into The Community,
with  all its suffocating rules and "sameness."
I've not finished the book. 
Loose ends are not tied up for me.....
who knows..... maybe they won't be.....I've yet to find out!
Both my kids are intrigued as well and have 
delved into the book on their own .

A few more things book-ish to share with you~~
here's one from the archives, but worth digging out for this season:

I've some great ideas for all ages in there.

Also, my recent post,
 Oy with the poodles already: 7 shows you need to watch this year,
includes several shows from the pages of  un-put-down-able books 
and book series that you might really enjoy....
Among them~~~~~

Big Little Lies:Season 1 (2017)    

Big Little Lies 

Chesapeake Shores: Season 2                  

and...Cedar Cove

Image result for cedar cove dvd cover photo                          Image result for cedar cove books 

Just love those series!

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  1. I was just looking for book suggestions a few days ago!

  2. Mrs. Dalloway inspired 24??? That's interesting! I have to add The Giver to my list. My son really liked it when he read it a couple of years ago, and I remember some grumbling about the ending.

  3. So many wonderful recommendations! Love Mrs Dalloway!! And am off to explore Mrs O'Flannigan.

  4. Sounds like some lovely reads here Chris :) i need to look for a new book to read. Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop hope you're having a lovely weekend.


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