Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Where are your kids going to school this fall? Are you considering homeschooling?


The 2019-2020 school year ended with most of our kids e-learning. This fall is likely to be the same - or at the very least, partially face-to-face instruction and partially at home.

Maybe you’re hesitant about sending your children to school.

 Maybe the school  health modifications overwhelm you. 

Maybe your children have special needs.

Maybe you're a seasoned homeschooling parent and this Fall will be a routine  "back to HOMEschool" for you  

Whatever the reason, deciding to take charge of your child’s education is an overwhelming decision that involves great sacrifice and can be quite expensive as well.

My regular readers know I homeschool my children for many years from toddlerhood to high school.  I'm here today because  I'm happy  to share a resource with you that I wish I had way back almost 20 years ago when I began my homeschool journey - -  An "e-bundle" of resources  suitable for  homeschoolers  of all ages, subjects, needs. Veteran and new homeschoolers as well.

It’s called the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle. It includes  resources  for homeschooling kids from preschool through high school. It includes art appreciation, reading, phonics, international studies, science, nature, language arts, and more! It even includes resources to support the homeschool parent with planners and a how  - to for  tech tool usage in your homeschool.

So here are the details: 

When you buy the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle, you’ll get access to a carefully curated collection of

8 eCourses & videos
13 eBooks
22 workbooks & printable packs
4 curricula
3 membership sites & summits

The bundle even includes a book authored by <<ahem >> yours truly on one of my passions, the teaching of children with dyslexia . I'm incredibly honored that my book is  included! 

Who are we - the creators behind these resources?

We are 50+ parents and child-care professionals who’ve spent years homeschooling our own kids.  We’ve had their doubts too, but  we’ve learned how to keep  ourselves organized, how to keep plugging away when it’s hard, and how to keep the big picture in mind.  

We’d love to share their experiences with you.

And best of all, you can get the entire package for just $29.50.

Are you ready to learn about homeschooling?

Are you ready for easier homeschooling?
Check out the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle right here 

Until next time,