Memoir Monday

Welcome friends, to Memoir Monday!

Lately, I have been delving rather deeply into the craft of memoir.  Really digging. I've kept black and white marbled notebooks forever... and now,  as a blogger, I am excited to use this platform as many things and in many ways: A photojournal, a note keeping resource for our homeschooling  journey, a journal. I've been   pondering,  wallowing,  reading  and of course, writing, in order to discern how my blogging can make my  writing  more authentic, more satisfying,  more clear, more real. To this end, exploring details around the craft of  memoir seems a natural extension of blogging, doesn't it? 

How better to do this than in a community setting of the blogosphere, where we have the opportunity to share our stories, learn from each other, inspire each other?  To grow as writers.

  Memoir Monday is  a chance to devote one  day a week to  deeply explore this unique and very personal craft. It could be  a  thought, a tip, a quote that we  have found in our  reading that we feel relates to  memoir writing. It could also be looking within, crafting our own stories,  exploring how life impacts or stories, how art influences our writing, how we impact each's  limitless.

 Emily Dickinson wrote the following poem, which is, of course,  so deep and so thought provoking and to me,  it relates so very much to memoir writing....:

"Tell all the truth
But tell it slant
Success in circuit lies."

There is just so much depth and so many ways to interpret that and how it relates to our lives and to our writing, no?

So, please, please  join in and share your tales, your thoughts, your tips, anything you'd like that you feel relates to memoir and to the telling of our stories. 

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My son created the inlinkz wideget for me, which I'll embed at the end of all my Memoir Monday posts. Please add a link to a memoir - related post at  YOUR blog. Let's revel in each other's tales, experiences, life stories. 

I have to gush, too:  The absolutely stunning and  l-o-v-e-l-y badge up there for our Memoir Mondays was designed by my son, Kevin! Didn't  he do a magnificent job?? I have no idea how he learned to do the designing AND to created the HTML so that the button could be grabbed.....but I am very proud of him!  Very proud!   He's a great kid to have around for many reasons!

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